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Potato starch making process machinery

December 14, 2018 by cassava processing machine  

The potato starch making process in Henan Doing Company adopts the wet processing technology of starch production which contains no additive. The whole process has the features of high degree of automation, mature technology, advanced equipment and scientific configuration. The process flow of potato starch production includes: potato cleaning, washing, grating, separating, concentration and refining, dewatering, drying and packing.

tarch processing plant (3)

Potato starch processing plant

1. Pretreatment of raw material
The pretreatment of raw material for potato starch making process includes the raw material receiving, cleaning and washing section:
a. Raw material receiving: Raw materials are the material basis of potato starch making process. The quality of raw materials is directly related to the quality of products. Therefore it will be better to choose high quality raw potato without damage.

b. Cleaning and washing: The purpose of cleaning and washing is to wash raw potato roots thorough multiple stage cleaning and washing process so as to fully wash the dirt, soil, sand and other skin sediment. Thus it can improve the purity of the raw material, and facilitate the next process of potato starch making process. And the widely used machine for this section is dry sieve and paddle washing machine. The main features of these machine are low water and power consumption, large capacity and easy handling.

washing machine

Potato washing machine

2.potato starch extraction section
a. Crushing: After cleaning and washing for potato starch making process, the potato will be crushed. Through the screw feeder, the potato goes into the rasper - an efficient crushing machine and being crushed into potato slurry. Due to the crushing efficiency is critical to the overall system rate, a special design has been made for the potato starch processing machine to achieve the highest possible photo crushing efficiency.

b. Screening: The crushed starch slurry need to be screened to separate the starch milk from the fibers. At present, the centrifuge sieve is widely used for separating for potato starch making process. The two machines are used together, that is, the centrifuge sieve is firstly used to separate fiber from starch by high speed centrifugal force.

c. Concentration and refining: The starch milk from the first stage centrifugal screen enters the hydrocyclone station, and the process water is pumped from the other end of the cyclone station to wash the starch countercurrent. The hydrocyclone station for potato starch making process can be divided into three parts: the first starch milk goes to the concentration cyclone station for concentrating, then the concentrated starch milk goes into the backwashing unit, while the overflow of cell SAP enters into recycling cyclone station for recycling of contained starch. Thus the concentrating, washing and refining process of the potato starch are completed.

centrifuge sieve (4)

Potato starch separating machine

3. Starch dewatering and drying section
a. Dewatering: After that, the potato starch need to be dewatered. Vacuum filer is the main machine for potato starch making process. It take use of negative pressure principle. When working, the starch is adsorbed on the filter cloth of the drum and is scraped off by the fixed scraper. While the filtrate enters the separator, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of starch and water.

b. Drying and packing: This section is for quickly removing moisture from wet potato starch for potato starch making process. The equipped machine in this section is flash dryer which has the features of high drying strength, strong evaporation capacity, short drying time and good starch quality. Then the dried starch is packed by semi-automatic packing machine for sale.


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