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Candid Photography in Mumbai Helps to Store Emotions of Your Life

December 15, 2018 by Movieing Moments  

Wedding is a standout amongst the most imperative snapshots of every single individual. Each one needs to have their wedding as best as possible. Nobody desires to miss the recollections of this extraordinary day and we at Movie’ing Moments are the one relied by many as being the best to offer candid photography in Mumbai.


The specialties that make us the best

There are many wedding photographers in Mumbai whom you can contact for capturing the mesmerizing moments. We stand out amongst them to offer the best of candid photography due to certain reason, which are detailed below.



The innovative approach that we undertake


In the form of snaps and snippets and reel and relays, the pre-wedding and the wedding is shot, in a fashion that epitomizes and emulates the charm of the silver screen. Since inception, we have reeled and rolled wedding candid photography in Mumbai by beautifully capturing the rituals, cultures and ceremonies as a true cinematographer would do. Every single shot taken by us has a story to tell. We do not just click the photos in proper lighting and setting for the sake of it. We make sure every single photograph takes the bride and the groom back to the memory lane. We are very experimental with our work and work depending on the preferences of the clients.


The experienced team we have

We are a team of dedicated photographers, videographers and cinematographers who carry insatiable desire in making wedding the most wonderful event offering Candid Photography Mumbai. Each member of the team is a professional in his work and personal with his artistry. Every single project brings the team with the same exuberance, as it was one’s first assignment to offer candid photography in Mumbai. The team competes with its previous best candid photography and is game for new exciting challenges. Our effort is to startup an unleashing creativity in personal movie-making space. No two works of ours depicts repetitiveness, yet it holds the essence of our hard work and dedication. We offer bouquet of candid photography in Mumbai services to our clients.



The photography you can expect


We capture the entire Indian-styled hullabaloo going around the wedding house, and unfold them in a beautiful manner while offering candid photography in Mumbai. Capturing the bright twinkling eyes of the bride laden with gorgeous gems and bright wedding dress, the broad smile on the face of the groom sitting with his friends, the frown on the forehead of bride’s father looking after all the preparations of the next ceremony, chuckles of the ladies singing, dancing and teasing the bride and a lot more. We capture the essence of the moments and unfold them in a beautiful and poetic manner.


So, to have the best of photography capturing all the emotions and moments of your events please do call us at Movie’ing Moments dialing 099302 00725 .