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Isolation of starch from sweet potato

December 15, 2018 by cassava processing machine  

A entire process of isolation of starch from sweet potato is composed of the following process:
Choosing and receiving-cleaning and washing-cutting and crushing-separating-concentration and refining-dewatering-drying and packing

starch production line 1

Isolation of starch from sweet potato

Here is the detail analysis of DOING sweet potato roduction line
1. Raw material choosing and receiving: As the first section for isolation of starch from sweet potato, the raw material choosing plays an important role in the final starch quality. The breaken sweet potato is easy to rot which will influence the other good materials. Therefore it will be better to choose high quality sweet potato without damage, no deterioration and no moth. Then the chosen sweet potatos are hauled to the storage yard after being weighed in sweet potato starch processing plant.

2. Stone removal and cleaning: Clean raw materials play an important role in the process of isolation of starch from sweet potato , so the stone removal and cleaning units is the most important in the pretreatment stage of the raw materials. This unit is to completely remove the sand, mud and other foreign materials in the sweet potato. Then the cleaned sweet potato is transported into rotary washing machine for further washing process.

3. Sweet potato washing: The washing process for isolation of starch from sweet potato is carried out by paddle washing machine. sweet potato raw material is rolled along with the wall of the cylinder, and is sprayed, washed, bathed, mixed, and peeled with water as a medium.

potato washing machine (2)

Sweet potato washing machine

4.Cutting and crushing: Due to the size of the sweet potato, it need to be cut into small pieces before crushing so that the crushing process can be easier. Crushing is a vital sweet potato starch machine for isolation of starch from sweet potato because it determines the extraction rate of starch. Doing Company independent research and development of high efficient crusher which can obtain higher percentage of free starch. After crushing, the sweet potato is crushed into starch slurry.

5. Separating: Separating section is another key process for isolation of starch from sweet potato that affects the extraction rate of sweet potato starch. Its main purpose is to separate the fiber from starch. And the widely used separating machine includes centriguge sieve and fine fiber sieve. Good centrifugal sieve and centrifugal technology can allow the extraction of free starch from cassava cells.

6. Concentration and refining: Concentration and refining is another most important unit of isolation of starch from sweet potato , and the quality starch are completely guaranteed in the cyclone refining unit. The impurities in the starch slurry are completely removed by physical means so as not to affect the quality of the starch product. The 13-stage washing can ensure the washing effect of the cyclone station, which can better remove the impurities such as fibers and proteins contained in the starch milk, and ensure that there is no impurity in the starch milk coming out from the cyclone station.


Sweet potato starch refining machine

7. Dewatering: After concentration and refining process, the concentrated starch milk still contains a large amount of water, and thus must be dehydrated to facilitate drying for isolation of starch from sweet potato . It is required that the wet starch has a low moisture content of 38% after dehydration.

8. Drying and packing: Then it is the drying and packing process for isolation of starch from sweet potato . In sweet potato starh production line, factory usually use flash dryer for drying of starch. The high speed hot air fully mixed with wet starch, by heat exchanging, the wet starch is dried. The whole drying process is completed in an instant. After that, the collected starch is packed into 25kg or 50kg finished products.


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