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Africa cassava processing plant project

December 15, 2018 by glucose fructose machine  

The cassava processing factory is a rising industrial project in Nigeria, Libieria,Ghana, Thailand, etc. And Nigeria is one of the courtry which has plenty cassavas, and we have many customers in Nigeria, also have installed some cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria and surrounding countries in Africa.

To start a cassava processing plant, First of all, the selection of the site about cassava processing plant proposal should meet the requirements of the overall planning of the region, have good engineering geological conditions, and maintain a certain degree of health protection distance from urban planning residential areas and public facilities.

Secondly, site selection should take into account the possibility of prospective development, whether it has the possibility and space for expansion, and whether there are convenient transportation and hydropower conditions, in line with current environmental regulations.

Cassava processing methods main divided into the cassava starch processing, cassava flour processing method, garri processing method and cassava chips processing, these also the main cassava processing products, which can further processing into many kinds of products then used in many area.

In Africa and Latin America, cassava is mainly used for food and feed, and there are dozens of cassava foods in Brazil. In China and Thailand, cassava is mainly used to process dry flakes, granules, starch and its deep processed products. If you plan to start a cassava processing plant, just contact us.

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