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Plastic to oil plant installed in Egypt

December 15, 2018 by tyrepyrolysisplant  

The costumer stayed for about 10 days in China and visited almost all the Chinese factories. Finally, he chose we DOING as the partner, and signed the order contract of 12T/D plastic to oil plant. After the production finished, the plastic to oil machine was shipped to Egypt in April. We company sent one professional engineer to Egypt for the installation of the plastic to oil machine. Now the machine has been installed successfully and it is ready for production. 20181115云南红河2套12吨安装 (600 (复制)
The plastic to oil machine can turn waste tyres into fuel oil and carbon black, which bring the customer about $2,000 profit in revenue a day. The running cost of our plastic to oil machine is very low, it’s mainly include the input material, heating fuel, electricity and workers, while water is for circulation use, nothing else. Thus this plastic to oil plant bring high profit to the customer.
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