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Booking Playa Dominical Surf Holiday In Costa Rica

December 15, 2018 by El Tubo Surf  

Costa Rica surfing holidays just tick every box on the wish list. What makes Costa Rica so unique as a surf holiday destination is that the country benefits from having surf on two coastlines – the Pacific and the Caribbean.


 The long stretches of sandy beaches, year round sunshine, sea temperatures hovering around 27 °C, inviting and friendly locals, a fun-packed atmosphere with a melting pot of locals and tourists, plus real sense of adventure are some of the things you will experience on a Dominical surf trip.


From a family surf vacation, off the beaten adventure or a relaxing surf and beach holiday, Playa Dominical has it all. While this Costa Rica destination is generally best for first-timer to intermediate surfers, there are some amazing waves for the more advancedsurfers.

With world-class waves, a stunning natural backdrop and plentiful year-round sunshine, it’s no wonder that playa dominical is one of the top surfing destinations around Costa Rica. With all of the traditional charm of a classic beach town, it’s a right place to lie in a hammock, experience the landscape or take to the waves to enjoy some of the best surfing on the earth.


Far away from the hustle and bustle, Dominical is a laid-back beach town where people get to enjoy a slower pace of life. Located up-close to the well-known Manuel Antonio National Park, Dominical is based on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica around 28 miles away from the town of Quepos and the Quepos River.

Though the tides up-close to the shore challenge swimming enthusiasts at the beautiful Playa Dominical, the offshore waves are some of the most consistent around the world. The breaking waves in both left and right make it one of the top surfing destinations around the country. The deep blue water, bright green landscape and year-round sunshine combine to make Playa Dominical one of the lovely, most unspoiled destinations for surfing.


Still surfing is the most popular activity to enjoy right there. Up-close to shore, visitors can get to enjoy the increasing popular water sport of stand up paddling – commonly known as SUP. If you move further, you can experience fabulous deep water fishing to the fullest.

With great surfing opportunities on both coasts that include point and beach breaks, lefts and rights, reefs, river mouths and year round waves, Costa Rica surf conditions are some of the best for first time surfers anywhere around the world because of the risk-free set-up which it has in abundance.

Final Consideration –

While the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica has been renowned as one of the most beautiful beachfronts around the world, surfer visiting the Central American country tends to congregate on the coast where the more the lively waters of the Pacific offer travelers with plentiful opportunities to carve world class waves.


There is no rule that says a top quality surf spot can’t be scenic and beautiful and surfers discovering the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica can experience this wonderful phenomenon at Playa Dominical. For immediate help with surf in Dominical, please contact https://www.eltubosurfing.com/contact-us and let us serve you only the best! Stay tuned to Facebook and Google Plus social networks, for latest updates