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My Apple ID has been Disabled

January 11, 2019 by Apple customer care  

Whenever you want to download any kind of app or songs on your Apple device, you are required to enter your Apple ID and the password. This is a mandatory process for all Apple customers. And there will be times when your ID gets disabled and this usually happens when you haven’t been using it in a long time, or when you have entered the wrong password too many times or when you get the security question wrong. When such situations happen, you cannot help but panic since it prohibits access to the app store and iTunes etc. So in order to prevent such unwanted headaches, you should know the way to get back your ID. And if you keep reading this blog, you will find all the necessary steps that are required to recoup your ID when your Apple ID has been disabled.

You will know when you experience this issue because you will see messages like ‘this Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons’. This means that even if you enter the correct password, it will not permit you access. And there are many ways to recover the ID, but one very effective method id the two-step verification process that requires you to confirm your identity and ownership by providing the recovery key. The recovery key is the 14 digits number that you get through Apple. So to recover your disabled Apple ID, follow the instructions below: Then you can contact Apple tech support number

ØOn your Apple device, first, enter the Apple ID and click on the password reset option or link.

ØNow you must enter the recovery key for the two-step verification process.

ØAfter that, choose where to get the verification code and once you receive it, enter the code in the provided field.

ØFinally, create a new password and select the ‘reset password’ option.

After you have successfully reset your password, you must sign in using the modified credentials and make sure to update the password settings on all the other platforms like App store, iTunes and on your Mac.

The mentioned points are what you must do to recover or restore your Apple ID when it gets disabled. Make sure to remember the new password and keep the recovery key safe for future use. If you face any kind of error during the process or if you made a mistake and you don’t know what to do, you can contact Apple support to get assistance from expert technicians.



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