LeapZipBlog: 3635OBD2's blog: How to use CGDI MB to write the elv and sync to eis for W204 W207 W212?

How to use CGDI MB to write the elv and sync to eis for W204 W207 W212?

January 11, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

If you followed wrong procedure to use CGDI MB to write the elv and sync to eis (because some eis are dealer eis) It's simple job to follow the below steps.



use the eis dump to write the elv !! dont touch the eis !! just read it and compute pass!! and load in the elv function and write the elv with dump from eis !!


just insert a working key to eis and wait few seconds to activate the elv !!!


Question: ok, but it worked for me.

In their approach, but you have to make the ELV virgin and not just repair. but that is not a problem with cgdi. But thanks for the hint. How do I recognize a dealer EIS? what is the difference?



down in the litte box that confirm the status of eis it shows dealer eis !! if is biffed that mean is dealer eis and you cannot rewrite back


and elv is simple to do


if is used elv


just calculate erase pass


and erase it


after that load the eis dump with pass


and write the elv


after you have succes writed elv


to activate elv just insert a working key in eis and wait few seconds to hear the elv motor


thats it all!!


OME MORE TIME I SAY "DONT ERASE EIS TO PROGRAM ELV USED OR NEW " just read the eis calculate pass and write the elv with the dump from eis !!