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Professional experiences and achievements of Dr. Julio Licinio

January 11, 2019 by Julio Licinio  

Education is very essential for everybody as it creates various aspects of life easier for every human being. Dr. Julio Licinio is such example. He is the person who has widely researched for the topics which are widely referred to in daily lives. People generally refer his notes as it contains  vivid and wise points of study. He was formerly the deputy director in the specialization of Translation strategy and process at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute in the department related to Mind and Brain Theme. At the same time, he was one of the distinguished professors of psychiatry at the Flinders University at Adelaide and also the clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicines at Albuquerque. Along with this, he is also an adjunct professor at U.T. ( University of Texas) Health Science Center at Houston and a visiting professor of psychiatry at the University of Minho which is situated in Braga. Julio Licinio is also the founding and current editor of three journals from Springer nature which are popularly named as Molecular psychiatry ,Translational psychiatry and pharmacogenomics journal.

Qualifications of Julio Licinio

There are many people who are just aware of the research works and awards achievements of Julio Licinio. Let’s have a keen look at his qualifications which has given him such an amazing career.

Julio Licinio has done MD from the University of Bahia School of Medicine which is located in Bahia, Brazil. After that, he did a residency in Internal Medicine IN University of Sao Paulo Medical Centre. He has also done Fellowship in Medicines/ Endocrinology in the University of Chicago. His basic internship of psychiatry is in the Montefiore Medical center. After the internship, his career took off as he started his research on the topics of psychology, psychiatry, obesity, and depression. In these fields, he has created a big name and every person refers to his research in the bible.

Honors,achievements and awards by Julio Licinio

Let’s have a keen look at some more achievements, awards, and honors that are received by the popular professor Julio Licinio.
First place in the State of Bahia medical school examination with 99.67 percentile.

He got the Young investigator award which is received by only a few people.