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Isolation of starch from sweet potato machine

January 11, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

The isolation of starch from sweet potato in Henan Doing Company adopts the wet processing technology of starch production which contains no additive. The whole process has the features of high degree of automation, mature technology, advanced equipment and scientific configuration. The process flow of potato starch production includes: sweet potato weighing and conveying, cleaning & washing, grating, screening, concentration and refining, dewatering and drying.

starch production line 1

Isolation of starch from sweet potato

1. Frsh sweet potato weighing and conveying: This is the first step for isolation of starch from sweet potato . The sweet potatoes are weighed on the weighbridge and stored in the sweet potato yard. Then the raw materials are transported by conveyor to the sweet potato cleaning and sweet potato washing machine where the stones, sand and other attached objects are separated.

2. Cleaning and washing: The role of this process for isolation of starch from sweet potato is mainly to remove the sediment from the outer skin of the sweet potato, and wash away the epidermis of the roots of the sweet potato. Cleaning the fresh sweet potatoes as raw materials for the production of starch is the basis for ensuring the quality of the starch. The cleaner the raw material, the better the quality of the starch.

3. Crushing: The role of crushing is to destroy the structure of sweet potato, so that tiny starch granules can be disintegrated and separated from the roots of sweet potato. In isolation of starch from sweet potato , the widely used crushing machine is rasper. The machine relies on high-speed operation to disintegrate sweet potato so that the starch granules are continuously separated. And the disintegrated sweet potato is processed into starch slurry by using water as a medium.

potato washing machine (2)

Sweet potato washing machine

4. Screening: This process is mainly for the separation of starch and fiber. Centrifuge sieve utilizes high speed centrifugal force to remove the fiber and starch. To achieve better separation effect, isolation of starch from sweet potato normally use multi-stage centrifuge sieve in sweet potato starch processing plant.

5. Desanding: Desander is mainly used for remove sand content from starch slurry. Due to sand in sweet potato starch slurry will influence the taste of the final starch, the desanding is a necessary procedure in isolation of starch from sweet potato . According to the principle of specific gravity separation, desander can effectively separete the sand from starch.

6. Concentration and refining: The function of this process is to separate insoluble protein and residual soluble protein and other impurities from the starch slurry, thereby achieving the purpose of washing, refining and concentrating the starch slurry. The isolation of starch from sweet potato uses a 12-stage hydrocyclone station to wash, refine and concentrate the starch slurry.

starch refining hydrocyclone (5)

Sweet potato starch refining machine

7. Dewatering: After that, the sweet potato starch need to be dewatered. Vacuum filer is the main machine in isolation of starch from sweet potato . It take use of negative pressure principle. When working, the starch is adsorbed on the filter cloth of the drum and is scraped off by the fixed scraper. While the filtrate enters the separator, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of starch and water.

8. Starch drying: For drying process, we use flash dryer for the process of isolation of starch from sweet potato . The whole process time of air drying is completed in an instant, so the internal moisture of the starch granules is dried before gelatinized, and this process consists of heat transfer and mass transfer.

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