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How The Freelance Marketplace In India Has Changed Significantly

January 11, 2019 by Freelance Portal in India  

Freelancing, particularly in the Indian place of work, generally means “second best”. When Indian employers or even employees think about freelancers, they usually think about temporary, casual, or part-time workers.








Freelancing is no more what it once used to be – an occupation that an individual select when he or she has no alternatives. The internet has really transformed the globe into a global village. It has impacted communication greatly by allowing individuals to connect quickly and easily. Via online workplaces, now professionals are able to work when & where they prefer, and on assignments, they wish to work on.



Today, Indian consumers are considering freelancing as a serious profession & have begun treating it as a full-time career instead of an alternative. The days are gone when freelancing was considered a part-time work or as a temporary solution to work life.



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At present, the freelance market is a vital contributor to the international GDP. With global payment systems connecting markets remotely, employers today are increasingly seeking niche-specific skills. The demand and outlook for freelancers worldwide are dramatic than ever before, and India is an important part of this economic change. With more than one million freelancers who contribute $400 billion to the national GDP, the freelancing industry in India can’t be overlooked.





The Indian freelance industry has experienced huge changes in respects of the way a freelancer is perceived in the eyes of society. This liberty has given birth to new kinds of alternative career options & has instituted a ground for an adaptable workforce which is agile enough to deliver outcomes with negligible friction. Also, it has permitted people to break away from the typical explanation of a profession & work without being a part of any formal association. International firms have long since outsourced their services & operations to Indian firms, but the trend is now shifting to subcontracting the same work to Indian Freelancers.



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This has allowed freelancers to build their own set of clientele all over the world. Therefore, freelancers today are more empowered and are alert o the opportunities they have in the international marketplace. Moreover, frequent development of technology also has contributed significantly to the expansion of the freelance marketplace in India. It has allowed people to work autonomously of an organization by letting them be mobile & in control of their work hours. Interestingly, India possesses the fastest growing ecosystem & the 3rd highest number of technology-driven startups all over the world trailing behind only the UK and US.



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