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Explore The City of Lion With Perfectly Crafted Singapore Holiday Package!

January 14, 2019 by Anil Kumar  

Planning to visit Singapore this week? Here is a quick guide that involves things one can do when in the city of lions and lights. Singapore is an ultimate destination for massive malls and natural beauty, if you are spending a week here then followings is the things that one should do:

·         Treat Your Appetite at Hawker Center: It is suggested that whenever you visit a new destination, you should try their street food and this is why explore Singaporean food at Hawker center where you can find a wide range of best dishes that is originated in Singapore only.

·          Experience The Marina Bay Sands: It is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore and one of the massive hotels that give a beautiful view of the entire city. You can watch a 13 minute sound and light show with color changing fountains.

·         Visit the National Museum of Singapore: Those who find historical places quite digging then you must visit the National Museum of Singapore and also Peranakan Museum as not only they offer you a sight of old age but depicts Singapore’s story and culture.

·         Shop Till You Drop: Yes, you can explore a wide collection of latest trend and fashion in the street of Haji Lane where you can find trendy clothes and vintage collection in cute little shop house at an affordable price.

·         Experience River Safari: A beautiful sight to see is River safari where you can spot alligators, Giant catfish, even a kai kai in a nearby panda forest, and so much more. From a dwarf crocodile to paddlefish. This place is the ultimate destination for fun.

There is so much to do, eat and see in Singapore therefore, book a Singapore Holiday package and see for yourself how beautiful this country is.