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Know About The Spirit Airlines Special Services

January 14, 2019 by Andrew Mac  

Spirit Airlines is known for making your travel economical and free from hassles. The airline provides efficient and quick customer support to help passengers resolving general travel queries. Any passenger who wishes to talk to the airline officials for any travel concern can call on Spirit Airlines customer service number. The Spirit Airlines customer service number +1-888-388-8870 is available 24×7 to help passengers with the updated travel information. Right from ticket booking to the final boarding, the customer support of the airline stays with you all the time.

For your convenience, here we provide you with all the general information that you may need to know if you choose to travel by Spirit Airlines.


Bag charges: If your bag ranges from 40- 50 lbs. you have to pay $30 per bag. The charges increase to $55 for bags weighing 51-70 lbs. and scale up to $150 for a further increase in weight.

Bag allowance: Only one personal item (a purse, a small backpack, etc.) is allowed. Its dimension should be within 18 x 14 x 8 inches. The carry-on bag should be 22 x 18 x10 inches including wheels and handle. The checked bags should be 62 inches in total including length, width, and breadth. It should be only less than or equal to 40 lbs.

Bag claim: In case your bag is missing, damaged, delayed or lost, you must call on the Spirit Airlines customer service number. Make a request within 24 hours of the arrival.


You can either call on the Spirit Airlines phone number to select your seat or the airline will randomly assign you the seat. To be sure that you sit next to your friend or with a family member, you may want to select them yourselves. The seat arrangement starts at $5 and may vary according to the routes.


There are many ways to do the check-in. You can try doing it through mobile, Kiosk, at the ticket counter, and by calling on the Spirit Airlines customer service number. Calling on the customer care number is one of the quickest ways to check in for your flight and get your boarding pass printed. Do the check-in 24 hours before the flight.

Travel information

The airline allows you to modify, cancel, and change your reservation before 24 hours of your flight. You can change the name on your reservation and choose to standby for other flight. Moreover, you can even add more seats by calling on the Spirit Airlines customer service number.

Vacation packages

You can use promotional codes, coupon codes, and other offers easily on the vacation packages. The airline ensures that you get the vacation packages at the economical rates. The airline also manages the flight cancellation and delay proactively with vacation packages. The airlines officials care for all your special needs. Whether it is about carrying an Insulin dose, mobility aid, pet support, or about the respiratory assistive device, the airline got you covered.

Special travel needs

In case you are traveling with pets, infant, a person with a disability, you can contact the airline officials on the Spirit Airlines customer service number.

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