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Potato starch making process machinery

January 15, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

The potato starch making process adopts the wet processing process of potato starch, which including raw material sorting, potato cleaning, paddle washing, grinding, starch slurry screening, bleaching, desanding, starch slurry concentration and refining, starch dewatering, the negative pressure air flow drying and drying.

potato starch processing machine (4)

Potato starch making process

1. Cleaning and washing unit: New harvest potatoes from the ground should first dry and sieve to remove the impurities as much as possible. Then the cleaned potato is transported into rotary washing machine to further remove the attached debris such as sand, soil and dirt. And then the clean potato is stored in daily designated area in potato starch making process.

2. Grinding unit: The washed potato is then transported into rasper for grating. Rasper is used for grating potato to break the cell wall of potato and release starch from potato cell. This is an important procedure in potato starch making process. DOING rasper is a machine widely absorbs advanced international technology. Compared with other products, it is composed of hundreds of saw blades, and featured with high speed, fine grinding, high free rate of starch, high production capacity and high rate of starch extraction.

3. Screening unit: This process is mainly for the separation of starch and fiber. Centrifuge sieve utilizes high speed centrifugal force to remove the fiber and starch. To achieve better separation effect, potato starch making process normally use multi-stage centrifuge sieve for isolation of starch from potato.

centrifuge sieve (3)

Potato starch separating machine

4. Desanding unit: After the separating section, the starch slurry still contains sand which need to be removed by desander machine. The function of desander in potato starch making process is to fully remove the fine impurities in starch so as to ensure the taste and quality of starch.

5. Concentration and refining unit: The function of this process is to separate insoluble protein and residual soluble protein and other impurities from the starch slurry, thereby achieving the purpose of washing, refining and concentrating the starch slurry. The potato starch making process uses a 12-stage hydrocyclone station to wash, refine and concentrate the starch slurry.

6. Dehydration unit: Starch slurry stays in starch jar after refining in potato starch making process, and then is sent to vacuum filter for dehydrating. The wet starch water content after dehydration is 38-40% in potato starch production plant.

drying machine (1)

Potato starch drying machine

7. Drying unit: This potato starch making process is mainly used to dry the wet starch to meet the production standards. Flash dryer as the drying machine has the features of high thermal efficiency, short drying time and large handling capacity. Drying process requires the particle size of the potato starch in the range of 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

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