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Technical cassava starch production processing

January 15, 2019 by glucose fructose machine  

Cassava Processing Challenges: The processing of cassava into flour its derivatives requires appropriate technology and techniques and both are in very short supply as the locally fabricated machines are at best average and some of the processing techniques are labour intensive. An optimum processing facility that can produce quality cassava products is also very expensive to acquire.

Marketing Challenges of cassava processing: Locating buyers especially if you’re into exportation is not easy, first many international buyers prefer to buy from Costa Rica and Brazil because of superior processing and storage of cassava roots. Secondly, the price of cassava per ton is relatively low compared to other cash crops and doesn’t encourage large scale cultivation.


Cassava processing methods is a broad concept because there are several different methods for cassava processing, the like cassava starch extraction, cassava flour production, garri processing, dried cassava chips processing. By the way, the commercial cassava processing mainly means the cassava starch processing because of now it is the most popular cassava processing products in the international market.

If you want to buy cassava processing equipments to start a cassava processing business, just contact us. Except the cassava starch processing machine, Doing Company also supply the cassava flour processing plant and garri processing plant for you, capacity can adjust as your need, also can make the most suitable production plan according to your condition. Doing Company will be a good supporter for you cassava processing plant vusiness.

What is the return on investment of cassava processing plant, payback period and expected first year sales? For example, an investment of N28 million can yield N6 million plus in net profit after tax from Garri and Flour processing alone. This means you can recoup your investment in 4.5 to 5 years based on projected first year sales of N164 million and 15% average year on year sales within same period. Click garri making business plan to get the related informations.


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