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Electrolysis vs. Laser Treatment – A Brief Comparison

January 16, 2019 by electrolysisbydebra  

Are you tired of the unwanted hairs on your face or body? Want to get rid of them completely? Don’t worry you are not alone! Today almost every person is facing such problems due various hormonal problems. And the best part is that several effective methods for permanent hair removal are available on the market today! Hooray! Wait but which one is the best for you? Confusing right! To omit your confusion over this we have shortlisted two of the most authentic and best ways that help you get rid of your unwanted hairs permanently. These two are Laser and Pulsed Light technique and Electrolysis. Find out which one is suitable for you and meet your needs perfectly!


Laser and Pulsed Light Techniques:

Laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal techniques are based on the same principle i.e. removal of hairs using light waves which once absorbed by the skin, gets converted to heat and destroys the hair follicles permanently. With these two techniques you can treat all areas except eyebrows, at least 8 treatments are required for complete permanent hair removal, requires six weeks break between each session, works best on pale and dark skin, cannot treat red, blond and white hairs and sun exposure must be forbidden after the treatment. Although these two techniques are similar but there are some differences also such as where laser uses a single straight wavelength the pulsed light uses different wavelengths, with laser treating dark and black skin is not possible whereas it is possible with pulsed light and likewise.


The oldest known method for permanent hair removal, electrolysis is practiced for over a century and works by introducing a finer needle into the hair follicle and applying ultra-fast electrical current that allows the removal of hair bulb. Electrolysis requires treatment of hair one by one and hence is a long procedure and because of that people often avoid using this technique.



But this method is highly effective for all types of hair that the laser treatment cannot treat such as red, blond and white hair. Also, it is beneficial for dark and black skins. Besides this with electrolysis eliminating the smaller remaining hair easily at lower price whereas with laser treatment it might require more sessions that are costly.


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