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Magnesium and Basic Copper Chloride: A CuriousRedox Reaction

January 16, 2019 by shida wei  

The focus of this research is to follow the oxidation-reduction reaction of solid magnesium metal and an aqueous solution of Basic Copper Chloride(WSDTY) (CuCl2), both with and without the addition of hydrochloric acid(HCl), and separately with sodium chloride(NaCl). When magnesium is added to CuCl2, the reaction does not occur in the predicted straightforward single

displacement model to produce magnesium chloride and copper metal. A single displacement reaction may occur, but the reaction first goes through some transitions (including competing side reactions) before the final product of elemental copper is formed.

An important purpose of this project is to identify different intermediates through which copper proceeds as this reaction

takes place. Copper hydroxide chloride compounds, belloite (Cu(OH)Cl) and paratacamite (Cu2(OH)3Cl), are intermediates that form when the two reactants combine, with and without a chloride source, respectively. Elemental copper forms when magnesium reacts with Cu2(OH)3Cl.

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