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Arranging a Kids Wardrobe

January 17, 2019 by Bryson Tang  

Your kid’s wardrobe doesn’t have to be one with hundreds of outfits. This doesn’t mean you are being mean and stingy while buying clothes for them. Instead, this is a smart move because toddlers and kids grow soon and they will soon outgrow their clothes. Except for jackets or other outerwear that we usually buy a size or two bigger for them they usually wear their regular and good clothes for just about six months. Here are some bright ideas that will help you keep an arranged wardrobe for your kids.

·         Remember simple, comfortable, smart and sustainable clothes are what you should be buying for your kids. You are just going to waste money if you buy excessive clothes.

·         The aim in buying not more than 14 or 15 items for a season. Bottoms should be lesser compared to the tops. You can have 3 or 4 kids clothes sets for outings. The remaining can be their regular wear. Keep four bottoms, and the remaining should be tops which you can mix and match for your kid. Girls can have one or two dresses for occasions.

·         Buy two sets of thermals, a couple of woolen caps, five or six sets of socks, ear muffs, two mufflers and three thin sweaters for the winters. You also need two kids coats for the season for when they are going out.

·         Every brand has a variation in size and the fabric they use. This is especially when you are purchasing your kid's clothes online. You don’t want to take the headache of returning their clothes if they don’t fit. Stick to just a couple of brands while buying your kids clothes.

·         Toddlers move around a lot, and the clothes that you buy should be sustainable. The stitches should be firm, and the fabric should be comfortable. Stretch it and see to confirm the sturdiness of the stitches. Stick to clothes made of 100% cotton for all seasons except winters. For winters you can pick other fabrics such as flannel, polar fleece, knits, etc.

·         Remember to switch the wardrobe according to the season. You should change the colors of the kids clothes sets. Go for bright colors in the winters and pick pastels for summers. Picking a color palette is entirely up to you.

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