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Potato starch manufacturing process

January 17, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

A entire potato starch manufacturing process is composed of the following process:
Choosing and transportation-cleaning and washing-crushing-separating-concentration and refining-dewatering-drying and packing

potato starch processing machine (4)

Potato starch manufacturing process

1. Raw material transportation: This is the first step in potato starch manufacturing process. The newly harvested potato is firstly transported into storage yard of potato starch processing plant.

2. Potato cleaning and washing: The weighted potato is transported in dry sieve by conveyor to remove the sand, weed, stones and other debris. There is no water needed in this process in potato starch manufacturing process. The dry sieve is designed with multi spirals which push potato forward during the cleaning process. Then it goes into the paddle washing machine to further wash the attached silt, grave and other impurities. Water is needed for this process. And the machine adopts countflow washing method to improve washing effect.

3. Potato crushing: The next potato starch processing machine is the rasper which is used to grinding the washed potato into potato slurry. Rasper is an ideal machine in potato starch manufacturing process which has the features of high speed, high grinding coefficient and high starch extraction rate.

dry sieve (1)

Potato cleaning machine

4. Starch slurry separating: For potato starch manufacturing process, the purpose of this step is to separate fiber out of starch slurry. Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are separately used for removing fiber and fine fibers.

5. Potato starch desanding: Due to the high sand content in starch, the desander is needed to remove sand form the starch slurry in potato starch manufacturing process. The desander can remove sand from starch at one time and improve the product quality to a higher level.

6. Concentration and refining: This process is for the concentration, recycling and refining of the starch milk in potato starch production plant. To ensure a better washing effect, DOING potato production line adopts 13-stage hydrocyclone station which can better remove the impurities of fiber, protein and other impurities contained in the starch milk in potato starch manufacturing process.

flash dryer (23)

Potato starch drying machine

7. Dehydrating: The widely used machine for the dewatering process in potato starch manufacturing process is vacuum filter whose main function is to reduce the water content of starch milk. It is required that the moisture content of starch milk is about 38% after dewatering.

8. Potato starch drying: After dewatering, the water content in starch is still high so it need to be dried in potato starch manufacturing process. The potato starch processing machine used in this process is flash dryer. The flash dryer adopts the negative pressure drying system which can effectively reduces the loss of the starch and meanwhile purifies the working environment. The high speed hot air dry the starch just in 2-3 seconds which has an significant energy saving effect.


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