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There are several colored wedding dresses on sale

January 18, 2019 by loyewe  

Dress and bouquet
There are several colored wedding dresses on sale, which allow you to combine black with other nuances and are perfect for those who do not feel like daring with a total black outfit. In case you want to enrich your wedding look with accessories and bouquets of flowers with this shade, there is something for everyone. Hats, hats, hair accessories embellished with light spots, but also floral arrangements created specifically for brides alternatives who wish to impress their guests. Not to mention the elegant shoes that you will buy for the occasion, you can use them without problems even after the ceremony, because after all, black is a color suitable for any event.

If you go beyond the common sense and are not afraid to hazard some unusual choice, black can be your wedding color. Remember also that you can choose a combination that you will use as a leitmotiv and recurring element of your wedding. Classic and retro taste is the combination of black and white: black berries, dark feathers, black crystals that contrast with white pearls, white dishes and white laces. Find the best combinations of objects, which are set in antithesis by two opposite colors: the effect will be great.

In the same way, black can perfectly match with most colors, so imagine very striking combinations like a classic black and red black cocktail dress size 14, suitable only for the most daring! Or you could approach the black to a light gray or a soft lilac. Have fun finding the color mix that best represents you, because with the black you will have an infinite number of possibilities!
Even if the relatives less accustomed to the follies immediately will be struck, you will see that they will find beautiful your "wedding in black", they will be able to enjoy every moment and will preserve the wedding favor with affection. Now that you have chosen black as a wedding color, do not forget to complete your look with something special, for example a wedding makeup that matches up ... maybe even very simple, but rigorously with eyeliner!