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bearing maintenance of jaw crusher

January 18, 2019 by zzgl5656  

First remove the vibrator eccentric block cover, check whether the motor to spin two are to the lateral rotation. Secondly, if the steering error, any two phase please change into the line of power of the electric control box. The last is the amplitude of jaw crusher check. The bigger the vibration amplitude of general processing capacity is bigger; the factory vibration force is adjusted to 90%.

If slurry, can be inside and outside of the eccentric block vibration dynamic alignment angle, 100%. To understand the processing method for slurry leakage fault, we try to understand the jaw crusher bearing maintenance problems. Vibrating screen is a large part of your price bearing. The operation of the bearing status is directly related to the whole equipment working state. Then the bearing maintenance needs to pay attention to what matters.

First of all, should pay attention to the temperature rise of the bearing problem. Equipment operation after a certain time, bearing temperature increases very easily, and this is the time to pay attention to stop cooling treatment for bearing. The second is to pay attention to the bearing wear. When the bearing use period is too long, the wear problem is the need to pay special attention to the operating personnel. If bearing wear is more serious, shall timely replace the bearings, so as not to cause more damage to equipment.