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Environmentally friendly plastic to oil conversion plant

January 18, 2019 by pyrolysispalnt  

Due to its low price, plastic products have become an indispensable consumer goods in our life. It is closely related to our life and brings great convenience and happiness to our life. But at the same time, he also brought great troubles to our living environment, causing serious pollution problems. In response to this problem, Dongying Group's research and development team developed a plastic to oil conversion plant.

The main working principle of plastic to oil conversion plant is the pyrolysis principle. Pyrolysis, also known as pyrolysis, pyrolysis, pyrolysis, pyrolysis, refers to the pyrolysis of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, a chemical process that converts one sample to another. Waste plastics cracking is the process of cracking waste plastics into oil and gas and condensing gases and carbon black through high temperatures.

After proven, plastic to oil conversion plant by more and more attention and praise. These concerns and accolades are mainly derived from the following advantages of plastic to oil conversion plant:
1. Our pyrolysis reactor is manufactured according to pressure vessel manufacturing standards using a 16 mm thick boiler special steel and electric arc head that withstand high pressures and temperatures.
2. High standard 3-step welding process, not easy to crack, long service life.
3. Pinion rotation device, small power, no direct contact with the reactor, heat transfer less easily deformed.
4. The tertiary cooling system uses a tube condenser, also known as a heat exchanger, which is currently the most commonly used and best performing condenser in the oil industry. Can ensure that the cracked oil and gas fully cooled, high oil production.
5. Plastic to oil conversion plant has the following safety devices: water separator, water seal, vacuum device. They prevent the return of oil and gas. And to provide negative pressure, oil and gas, to maximize equipment, oil production.


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