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2018 Fashion Industry's "Think and Change"

January 18, 2019 by yucherrty  

In 2018, on a global scale, the fashion industry is still in the midst of a wave of change and innovation, presenting a complex and multi-layered appearance.

Because "the road ahead is unclear," in the past year, many brands that have been shouldering the Dacoz shoulders have embarked in a completely different direction. In the process of vying with the market, the fashion industry, brands, and practitioners have carried out various explorations. In this observation, we have edited a landmark event and trend under each change keyword, and inspired further thinking with examples.


Self-help "slow down" fast fashion giant

In the low tide of retail and word of mouth, in order to win market attention and renewed respect and trust from consumers, many fast fashion brands have reverted to the main business of clothing and began to work hard on products and brand image.

For example, Uniqlo first tried to cooperate with the animation and movie IP in popular culture. H&M also chose to set up a new sub-brand and open a joint brand name model to win more user attention and enhance brand loyalty.

Industry experts believe that in the past few years, fast fashion brands have begun to infiltrate from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities, and the expansion has not stopped. After the brand effect and the market scale reach a certain level and achieve the accumulation effect, the fast fashion brand needs to deepen the operational efficiency, and the “slow” is the inevitable result.

Nowadays, the fast fashion that has been “fast and beautiful” needs to slow down. It is also a reflection of the changes in the market driven by consumption upgrade. In the future, the fast fashion brand will work hard in product quality, cultural connotation and design direction to win the reputation and market.


Street-based Louis Vuitton

In the spring and summer of 2019 men's clothing week, Off-White founder Virgil Abloh as the first black designer in the history of Louis Vuitton to take charge of the men's fashion show, for everyone to enjoy a street full of colorful, colorful to the sky "rainbow men" Big show.

Off-White is the leader in street fashion, and Louis Vuitton's "new debut" this season has also been interpreted by industry professionals as the iconic work of big names becoming more and more street-oriented and trendy.

It can be said that such subversive innovations have no distinction between good and bad, only aesthetic arguments. Those who oppose the big-name street styles believe that the “unfettered creation” of street culture is engulfing the strong brand personality of high fashion and history. For example, men's clothing week in spring and summer, dozens of shows, bright colors, artistic totems and "changing soup without changing medicine" logo shirt, while impacting everyone's vision, but also make people feel tired, began to miss the early years of those long-lasting Classic gentleman style. But how many young users “Old Fashion” can leave for the brand is also a question mark. In 2018, looking for the scale of exploration in the entanglement is almost the "day question" of all the big names.


Saddle bag's "classic revival"

The fashion trend is a circle, going around and returning to the original point. This law was once again verified on the Dior women's dress that Maria Grazia Chiuri was in charge of.

In the Dior2018 autumn and winter ready-to-wear collection, we once again saw the classic Saddle Bag saddle bag of the John Galliano era. The familiar "CD" printing made us wonder, and the previous creative days.

The classic "revival" also brought real economic benefits to Dior. According to eBay's latest 2018 shopping report, Maria Grazia Chiuri's re-interpreted saddle bag has achieved nearly 20% growth in the year alone. They commented that this kind of work that pays attention to the current trend in the tribute, It can be seen as the positive effect of Dior's younger strategy, and this kind of "operation" is worthy of the same kind of big-name reference learning.


The rise of the influence of the millennials

In 2018, the “Millennial Generation” has deepened its influence on the industry.

Industry experts believe that the 20-34-year-old Chinese young people's luxury goods consumption is earlier and more frequent, and the range of products purchased from jewelry, fashion items, beauty and bags is very wide. Their luxury consumption path is highly digital and fragmented. And if brands want to approach these young people, they need to work harder in Clothing Coupons areas such as e-commerce and digital marketing that are closely related to the daily work and life of young people.

Therefore, in 2018, we will see the big brands that have been "cold and cold", and will choose to join hands with e-commerce, and will continue to open flash-shops, even looking for net red, shivering, fast, to young people. The means of "showing good" are endless.

At the same time, there is a lot of debate about where the millennials are coming from, and whether purchasing power can continue. Whether the big players' "low posture" can harvest the fruits of market feedback remains to be further tested.