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Best and Top Gynaecologist in OMR

January 18, 2019 by javadevafertilitychennai  

Here is the basic information of this technique.


  • The ideal age to perform the freezing of eggsabout 20 to 35 years old coincides with maximum female fertility.
  • The rate of pregnancy of the woman falls irretrievably according to its age. With 25 years, there are 25% of options per cycle to achieve it naturally. With 30, 22%. With 35, 12%, with 40, 5%. And with 45, 1%.
  • At the age of 35, we only have a 10% ovarian reserve.
  • At the time of egg retrieval, 10 is the number of oocytes considered optimal to ensure future motherhood.
  • Getting less than 10 eggsdoes not mean not being able to get pregnant, it only reduces the chances.
  • Freezing the eggsmeans holding them indefinitely as they were at the time of extraction.
  • Freezing does not alter the genetic material.
  • There is no maximum age for future implementation, but there are ethical recommendations in this respect. It is discouraged to do so beyond the age of 42-43.
  • From the age of 40, more than 50% of the eggs are chromosomally altered. From the age of 42, the figure amounts to 75%. The freezing of eggs prevents these chromosomal alterationslinked to the age, what allows to have in the future more healthy children.
  • Chronological age, however, does not have to coincide with biological age. There are always exceptions: women with 30 years ofage have low quality eggs and others who at 40 years of age have good quality.


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