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'Fortnite' Countdown Appears In-Game, What Does This Mean?

January 18, 2019 by onlinegamesfans  

Yesterday, the TVs all about the Fortnite map started warning of a winter storm coming, but today things have changed. The in-game tv sets identified all through the Fortnite Battle Royale map have begun broadcasting a countdown time below a "weather warning." 


The countdown started at precisely 11 AM PT / two PM ET on January 17 and was set for precisely two days, which means that it will hit zero at that very same exact time on January 18. 


This comes per day just after the Tv screens started displaying a warning of inclement weather on January 16, but there was no timer or any other facts that hinted at what it was all for.


So what exactly is this all for? While Epic Games haven't officially announced it, all indications are that a brand new Ice Storm in-game event is set to take place when the countdown reaches zero.


According to game files discovered and leaked by information miners, Ice Storm will feature its personal exceptional set of challenges and rewards, at the same time as some additional snowy modifications for the map. 


Those same leaks also indicate that this countdown screen is not going to be the final thing shown on the in-game Tv sets in relation towards the Ice Storm.


There are going to be one extra screen that will function the words "No Signal" more than a backdrop of the Ice King's shadow. This can presumably commence showing after the countdown reaches zero and the Ice Storm basically does begin.


So what does this all mean? Nicely, no one can know for confident, but all of this seems to be developing towards some key storyline in Fortnite. 


Several believe that the Ice Storm is closely tied together with the mysterious ice sphere floating above Polar Peak, at the same time because the Dragon Eggs identified within the dungeons with the nearby castle.


New leaks have revealed that the sphere will start taking various forms soon, one of that will contain flaring blue flames as well as the ominous Ice King character appearing inside the sphere.


This leaves the door open for a lot to take spot after this mysterious countdown does attain zero, like the sphere reaching its next stage, the Ice Storm occasion kicking off, the Television screens displaying the No Signal warning, and more.


Whatever do find yourself taking place, this countdown has undoubtedly built up the hype for what's to come, and seasoned players will keep in mind a similar countdown taking place for the duration of Season four that eventually led for the one-time Rocket Launch occasion that took location. 


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