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Dial Spirit Airlines Phone Number For Flight Inquiery

January 18, 2019 by Andrew Mac  

With a motto ‘less money, more go’, Spirit Airlines aims to make your travel easy and economical. It is the ultra-low-cost airline that encourages you to travel more without stressing much on your pocket. That is why it has managed to carry more than 55 million passengers this year.

Making the services readily available, the airline also make sure that the services are affordable to the passengers. Right from ticket booking to baggage check-in, the airline ensures to make your travel the most economical one. And, through Spirit Airlines number, the airline aims to adhere to its promise- quality service on-time, always!

Like every airline, Spirit also has some extra fees for your baggage allowance. So, if you have booked your tickets under the Bare Fare program, you need to be careful about how much the airline charges for your baggage. Because the ticket charges do not include your baggage fees.

Hence, you must know everything about the baggage fees of the airline. You can call on the Spirit Airlines number to inquire if you are exempted from the baggage fees. For a basic regular fare, here is the baggage allowance policy of the airline that you need to know.

Spirit Airlines Baggage allowance policy and fees

Carry-on baggage

Under Bare Fare, the airline allows you to carry one personal item for free. The personal item can be a purse, duffle bag, suitcase or a small backpack. The size of the personal item must be within 18x14x8 inches. And, this includes handle and wheels.

An additional larger carry-on baggage is also allowed onboard for free. The best and the economical option is to buy your carry-on bag while purchasing your tickets. You can also call on the Spirit Airlines number +1-888-388-8770 to buy your carry-on baggage. 

The price of the carry-on baggage varies with the route, time, ticket type and your class of travel. The bag must not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches. This measurement includes wheels and handles.


Checked baggage

Spirit Airlines always charges for the checked luggage. But, the baggage fees largely depends on the route, time, type of ticket, and class of your travel. You can call on the Spirit Airlines number to determine the accurate fees for your luggage.

According to the policy, every passenger is allowed to take up to five bags and their weight should not exceed 40lbs. The dimensions of the bags must be 62 linear inches. The airline can accept the oversized bags up to 100 lbs. and 80 linear inches, but hefty additional charges may apply.

In case you think your bag may exceed the limit set by the airline, call on the Spirit Airlines phone number and get the confirmation about the charges. Doing this ensures that you make informed decisions and baggage fees do not come as a surprise.

If your bag weighs between 40 to 51 lbs. the fine is around $30. And, if the weight exceeds to more the fees may go up to $50, $100 or more. The extra charges may apply if the baggage dimension also exceeds the limit set by the airline. So, it is important to call on the Spirit Airlines phone number and be in touch with the experts to be sure with your carry-on and checked bags.

The experts on the Spirit Airlines number let you know the bag size and the weight that is allowed on your ticket. Moreover, they also calculate and help you determine how much you have to pay if your bag exceeds the measurements set by the airline.

Although the airline is known for their super low-cost airfares, it can charge you with a fine if you don’t adhere to the weight or measurement policy of the airline. So, always be watchful for the latest updates on baggage policies. Call on the Spirit Airlines number and get every information about the baggage policy.

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