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MapleStory M: How to Get Star Force

February 1, 2019 by Sletrry  

I arrived back, ironically, through the 10th anniversary of maplestory m [didn't know til I found it] and also have played for the past week getting my Priest to par 103 Bishop as well as creating a pirate to 30 and canning him before obtaining an Avenger and Xenon into 30.

After I stopped being overwhelmed I want to plan some things out but the key maplestory issue is that the majority manuals for old content,Maplestory M Mesos  for example Bishops, don't exist and therefore I need to forge forward with mathematics and intuition.

My queries are as follows. -Just how many points as a Bishop can I buy for 4th Job. -Are there any special conditions for SP or AP past degree 200. -can Hyper maplestory Skills work? -Is there an AP cap in 999?

[My Bishop includes a lot of LUK from prior to the changes because of armor requirements and I am thinking of an reset scroll]. -Should you job respec, to what extent is AP/SP Reset if in any way? -How do maplestory Novels work? -Should maxing all 4th job abilities is possible and there's extra SP, can I place them in to 2nd or even 3rd Jobs?

My friend Answer are as follows.You have enough skill points to maximum ALL your abilities in 4th project so 255. I am not very sure what you mean by special conditions but other than the fact that you give up getting SP as you continue to gain 5 AP every level, then no, there is not.

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