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aol forgot password US

February 11, 2019 by Mikemanuel  

Currently, email is a necessary part of everyone's life. It is used for education, business, private business, ect. We use different types of email services on our devices. Among all these messages, AOL e-mail is a reliable and secure e-mail service among people. AOL is an easy to use and easy to add email service. You can use AOL e-mail on different devices, such as a laptop, Android, IOS, iPhone, etc. If you're an iPhone user and try to add AOL email to your iPhone, this publication will help. In this article, you'll get some steps to set up AOL Mail on your iPhone.


Steps to add email from AOL to iPhone: -

Finally, here are some simple steps to add AOL's AOL email service. Please, apply all steps provided to avoid any problem.


Go to the Settings section of your iPhone's Home screen to open the Settings app.

Scroll down to get mail, contacts, and calendar from the Settings page.

Then click the mail item, contacts, calendars from the list above.

On the previous configuration page for mail, contacts, calendars, you'll get a list of email accounts on your iPhone.

To add a new email account to your iPhone, click the Add Account icon.

You will now see a list of different e-mail services, for example, Gmail, Yahoo e-mail, AOL Outlook e-mail messages, etc.

In all this, select the AOL e-mail service.

Open a new page to enter your ID and password for your AOL email account.

Then, make sure you have AOL's full email address, including the last part "@ aol.com".

Then, click the Next button in the upper right corner to continue.

Your iPhone will send a message to the connection request to your AOL email server.

Your AOL mail server will confirm your account details.

You will reach the screen to import AOL emails and notes from your mail server to your iPhone.

Click the Save button.

Then, your AOL email account is installed on your iPhone.

The AOL email configuration method can be used on some iPhone models, such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, etc. You can also use these steps to configure AOL Email on the iPad as well.


Immediate technical support for AOL: -

We do not doubt that AOL is the perfect email service for any device. However, if you have a problem with AOL email, you can get help from AOL Support. For help, ask for a free AOL number. The AOL expert will choose your phone and ask you about your issue. Tell him his problem and the steps he has applied. After listening to you, it will tell you the right solution. AOL experts will always try to provide an answer to all AOL users. So, feel free to get support from AOL Certified Technicians.

Our Technical Team qualified and well-qualified technicians who can handle each problem in an easy way and can provide you with a better and more accurate solution to your problems. All you need is to access the AOL Email Customer Service