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DIY Guide On How To Replace Your Toilet Seat Buffer

February 11, 2019 by My Toilet Spares  

The toilet seat buffer is a small piece of plastic that offers a bumper between the seat & the toilet itself. This affordable replacement product won’t just help you keep your toilet clean, but also assist in preventing any permanent damage happening to your toilet. Fitting a new buffer will prolong the life of your toilet and let you focus on other parts of the bathroom that you wish to upgrade.




Here is a simple DIY guide on how to replace your toilet seat buffer:

1 – Take a cloth & dampen it with warm water. Lift your toilet seat to brush the area around the bumpers.


2 – Use a flathead screwdriver & slide it under the frayed toilet seat bumper. Keep pushing it until it pops out.


3 – If they’re screwed in, opt for the small cover found at the centre of the buffers. Slide your screwdriver into that & get the buffers out. Set the screw to one side.




4 – When you are done with both, make use of the cloth to brush the area again. To make the new installation effective & permanent, you must take away all dirt & sediments accumulated underneath the bumper. Keep in mind, dirt and debris may slacken the buffers afterwards.


5 – Get the replacement parts & snap them in place. If your old buffers were screwed previously, screw the new ones as well. Ensure the buffers are fitted perfectly into the hole.


6 – Install again the caps that you’ve taken off earlier. Just twist the buffers to ensure that they’re secured to the toilet seat. Then put down the seat to check if it is stable. Else loosen the buffers and install them again.




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