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What to Do for Availing Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa?

February 12, 2019 by Joseph Smith  

Saudi Arabia is known for its marvelous structures and land of Islam. Due to its spontaneous fusion of nature and artificial sites, it attracts millions of tourists every year. Mainly tourists from western countries come here to spend their vacation. However, whenever you’ll try to enter Saudi Arabia, you have to come with valid visa. Without that, your entry will be strongly prohibited.

One thing is to keep in mind that, tourist visa is not issued by Saudi Arabia. Therefore, if you want for Saudi Arabia family visit Visa, you can go there in alternative visa. According to Saudi Arabia embassy, you can go there with Saudi Arabia business visa. This is the common type of visa program that maximum people prefer to use even for tourist purpose.

Generally, the client in Saudi Arabia will host your meeting with your clients if you are landed for business purpose. It is quite simple and straight forward visa to apply for. To avail the visa, you have to ask the client for a scan passport and will then proceed to apply for an invitation letter. It will be accomplished by submitting the scan to the local Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Just after the ministry has approved the invitation, it will be reverted back to the host company. In return, the officials will stamp the invitation with the company seal. Once all these steps have been completed, the invitation letter will be made available to the client. The client will them need to contact a registered agent to facilitate of the visa at the embassy.

Apart from business visa, if you want you can avail the visiting visa for Saudi Arabia. It has maximum similarity with business visa but one thing is different that, instead of just meeting with your host, you have to perform different tasks in the country. You’ll still be paid by your direct employer and will not receive any compensation directly from the host in Saudi Arabia. If there is any requirement to meet the government employees, you have to avail government visa. This certain kind of gratis visa and the invitation letter will let you to get easily avail the government visa.

These are some popular visa those are being issued by Saudi Arabia. Apart from them, if you want to get Russian business visa, you have to go through very tough scrutiny process.