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Konema Mwenenge

March 11, 2019 by Konema Mwenenge  

Konema Mwenenge is also known as the gem of the diamond Industry in the whole United Arab Emirates. He is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Nemesis International one of the top Notch payers in the Rough diamond industry. He has also worked on calculating the values of rough, polished and semi-polished diamonds, tracings of precious and semi-precious stones etc. Konema Mwenenge also served Managing Partner with Finexem UK Limited, A London and Paris based financial advisory group.

Nemesis is a brand and a company that produces fine shiny diamonds out of the raw unpolished rough diamonds stock. This process takes huge machinery and high-level factories to carry out at a large scale. Nemesis, therefore, has several high standard factories in Dubai, UAE. UAE is the headquarters of Nemesis, but it has a presence across the globe.