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Shining 3D Engraving Machines: High-precision of batch processing

March 11, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  



Hangzhou Shining 3-d Laser Engraving Machine maximum broadly used laser engraving machines within the businesses of personalized Machine engraving, excessive batch processing, glass ornament, glassware anti-counterfeiting, and many others.


Shining 3-d Laser Engraving Machine designed for massive-size Plastic engraving

As well as Laser engraving and Acrylic engraving and an excessive precise of batch processing of engraving merchandise, suitable for the processing enterprise gift orders, or high precision mass customization present, with excessive pace, automated multi-batch processing constantly, have more suitable notably in the engraving precision, processing performance and so forth. Compared with the conventional engraving machine, to help you get orders for excessive-grade bulk items.

He manner of sub-floor processing for decorative glass ornamental glass is an important supplement to the present processing generation of Stencils for lettering & designs and Electrical branding iron. By engraving the high-quality patterns, corporate cultural photograph, enormous images etc. Inside the glass monitors, glass doors, glass tables and different huge decorative glass, with the LED light irradiation to show a shining and pricey highlight temperament.

Working with the arena high-quality laser producers in Europe and USA, shining 3-D Tech Co., Ltd has been constructing the pinnacle laser engraving machines for Steel marking punches. Shining 3D Laser Engraving Machine collection are famous for their robust and consumer-friendly layout of hardware and software, exceptional great engraving first-class, regular performance and upkeep-loose fine. It is one of the most extensively used laser engraving machines within the businesses of custom engraving, high-cease Die sinking, Plaque engraving, and Name plate engraving, etc.

It is equipped with many features such as:

1. Equipped with self-developed conversion software program, 2D normal image may be engraved as three-D pix;

2. Accepted the innovative galvanometer scanner time together with 2KHz diode-pumped YAG frequency doubling laser which is faster, the laser point is greater skinny and brilliant, the image also might be extra difficult and energetic.

3. The key parts of the apparatus specially come from Germany and America. It is greater reasonable and constant for lengthy-time period manufacturing.

4. Suitable for person production and batch fast method. Just one gadget may be glad with ability for each storefront’s community distribution and electric-business distribution.

For your facts, 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 2000 Hz, 3000 Hz and 5000 Hz, multi-head, green laser and UV laser, max engraving range 3000*4000*100 mm are all to be had. Moreover, as laser machine manufacturer, we can customize for you, too. By the manner, we have department workplace and personal factories to provide all forms of s, LED bases and many others.

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