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10 Things I think I thought after the Steelers’ horrible

March 15, 2019 by liny195  

 Week 2 loss to the Chiefs Still no local broadcast of the game where I live http://www.steelersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jesse-james-jersey , so I was back at a wings joint. I won’t mention which one, but it rhymes with Ruffalo Child Sings. Let’s get to it.Watching this game would have been painful and unpleasant had I not had my beloved wife with me. Before their fourth touchdown was taken off the board, it looked like we would be down 28-0 in the first quarter, which must be a first in Steeler history, if not NFL history. Extrapolated out that would have been a 112-0 game.Keith Butler must be the Bob Dole of defensive coordinators. Dole was made the Republican presidential nominee in 1996 because of his charisma. No, that’s not it. Because of his economic genius. No, that’s not it. Because “it was his turn.” Yeah, that was it. Maybe cutting a Hall of Fame coordinator for a guy in the wings was a bad idea.It’s one thing to believe your press clippings after a 13-3 season. Altogether another to do so for your first two games. The Steelers Terrell Edmunds Jersey , to riff on Dennis Green, are not who they think they are. Waving press clippings and Vegas odds at your opponent is not a path to victory.I had half a mind to stop my piece right here. Three and out, just like our offense in the first quarter.“Miscommunication” cannot be the problem with the defense because the whole world is reading this message loud and clear- “We stink.”It is not a sin to order a burger at a wings place, especially if the burger is as good as the one I had.The notion that Bell was crying in his soup after week one and dancing in the streets after week two is just silly. The sad truth is he cares as much about James Conner’s performance as he does the other 52 guys on the roster. If he cared one way or the other he would be on the field.You can’t say that Bud Dupree didn’t make his presence known in this game. I noticed him early on, ten yards behind Mahomes as he threw his second, no his third, no, his fourth TD pass- who can remember?- giving him a neighborly wave as he went by.Coaching cliches will not fix what ails us. Coaching Authentic James Conner Jersey , on the other hand, could conceivably do the trick. Time may tell, but Tomlin is not real good with time. Seriously, how do you give the Browns their first half-victory in a year and a half, and then not be preparedfor your next game? I get the danger of panic, but I also get the danger of lacking urgency. When the Titanic first hit the iceberg, calm was needed. When its tallest smokestack went under, it was too late.This week Youth JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , Monday night on national TV,is a “home” game for me. And I’m grateful my hope will have an extra day to heal. It got banged up pretty bad.Bonus Thought- It takes three things for Ben to throw 60 passes for over 450 yards, none of them good. 1. Weak run game. 2. Being behind, way behind. 3. Having your opponent not only score often, but score quickly. I suspect KC lost time of possession, which is easy to do when you find it so easy to score.NFL Picks and Predictions: Picking the full Week 2 slate against the spread The Pittsburgh Steelers were not the only ones who disappointed in Week 1 after the results of our opening weekend picks against the spread and the totals were tallied. While the first week of the season is always a difficult one to bet on, our selections did little to help steer you in the right direction.Editor Jeff Hartman was an acceptable 9-6 against the spread, but a disappointing 6-9 versus the totals. Meanwhile http://www.steelersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-joe-haden-jersey , although I barely broke even at 8-7 against the spread, a 9-6 record versus the totals was almost respectable. Just like the Steelers, we both aim to do better in Week 2.With just three spreads over a touchdown on Sunday, the bookmakers are clearly expecting a number of close matchups this weekend and there is value to be found with several questionable home teams hosting capable visiting teams. Some relatively high totals in Week 2 offer a number of intriguing options for those who like to take the under too. Selections have been made using the consensus Las Vegas odds from VegasInsider.com as per Friday night and we encourage you to play along with us by adding your picks below. Custom Indianapolis Colts Jerseys