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Diamond Carat – All You Should Know About It - Aura Jewels

March 15, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

With Women’s Day almost here, let us speak about every woman’s best friend – the diamond! Diamonds represent beauty and brilliance like no other stone. It’s hard to resist their shine and sparkle. But, don’t just flow away with the dazzling shine while making a purchase. Be very sure of what you are buying if you want to buy the best diamond jewellery in Bangalore.
Best Diamond Jewellery in Bangalore
​One very important aspect that you need to consider while buying a diamond is its “carat”. A diamond’s carat can be a game changer! The carat is nothing but the weight of the diamond. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, which is on average the weight of a raindrop. A carat is further split into 100 points, which helps jewelers weigh smaller diamonds. Thus, even a fraction of a carat can bring about a significant difference in a diamond’s price! The carat is a universal unit that is used all over the world to weigh diamonds.

Note: Don’t confuse the word carat with “karat”. Karat is a term associated with gold. It determines the purity of the metal, where 24 Karat is the purest form of the metal.

Carat & price – Coming back to the price, a diamond’s price alters with its carat. As the weight increases, the price increases too. However, other factors like the cut, clarity, and colour of a diamond also play an important role to determine its price. thus, two diamonds of equal carat weight can vary in their price if their cut, clarity, and colours vary.

Carat & size – The carat weight of a diamond has nothing to do with its size. Two diamonds having the same carat weight can vary in diameters and depth, making them look like two stones with different sizes set in jewellery pieces.

Carat & shape – Two diamonds with the same carat weight can differ in price due to their different shapes. This is because different shapes and cuts produce different amount of brilliance, thus altering the price. Even though two diamonds may have the same carat weight, a round brilliant cut diamond will be higher priced than an emerald cut diamond because of more sparkle.

Carat & quality – One other belief here is that a larger carat weight means a better diamond. But, this is not always true. Obviously, a larger diamond will be costlier than a smaller one, this has nothing to do with the quality being better. This is because if you compare a heavier diamond with a raw cut and a lighter diamond with a proper cut, it is the lighter diamond that will be more preferred.

Now that you know so much about a diamond’s carat and its relation with price and quality, you would definitely not blindly believe what a jeweler may tell you. Just be clear with all that this blog has educated you about and then make an informed decision. And, just as much as you can believe what we have written in this blog, you can equally rely upon us when we say that one of the best jewellery shops in Rajajinagar in Bangalore where you can get your diamonds from is Aura Jewels. Here, you will always be offered quality and value, with genuineness in everything you buy.

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