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How is potato starch made ?

March 19, 2019 by cassava processing machine  

Potato starch has the irreplaceable natural properties of other starches, making it the first choice for starch deep processing industry at home and abroad, with broad sales and promising market prospects. A number of savvy investors have taken the opportunity to set up potato starch processing plant or replace traditional potato starch processing machine in order to seize market opportunities. Before starch potato starch processing plant, we need to know about the how is potato starch made.

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How is potato starch made

In the austere line of potato starch processing machine, the first thing to mention is the automatic feeding potato washing machine, which is suitable for potato and other tubers. It is in charge of cleaning and feeding automatically in how is potato starch made. This machine is often used for potato processing, which can remove the sediment in the pits of the potato crops, and also it leads to peeling.

In the industrial complete automatic production line of potato starch processing machine, all machines involved are serviced for the quality of the finished product, and this is also the most important point in how is potato starch made —separating the unnecessary parts and extracting pure potato starch. First of all, according to the physical and safe way, by working with the centrifuge sieve, the machine will play the role of separating the fiber in raw material. Hydrocyclone station that can recover the lost fine fibers, starch molecules in the protein and cell fluid, thereby increasing production, followed by the role of refined concentration. Through a series of measures of potato starch processing machine, then is the main part of drying affection. Through the vacuum dehydrator and flash dryer, the most efficient dehydration drying can be achieved in how is potato starch made, the loss of potato starch can be reduced, and get the best quality finished product.

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Starch flash dryer

The machine for how is potato starch made made by Henan Doing Company has following characteristics:
1. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful appearance and compact layout;
2. Small footprint;
3. Use fewer people, less labor intensive, high degree of automation, one-stop production from washing potato to dry;
4. Low energy consumption, water saving, power saving, and low processing cost;
5. High extraction rate of how is potato starch made: It is cleaned by squirrel cage to ensure that the potato chips are not damaged and the starch is not lost;
6. The quality of starch is high, reaching the national food grade standard (four levels of sand removal, secondary filtration, secondary purification);
7. Multi-functional, applicable to: how is potato starch made, sweet potato starch processing plant, cassava starch processing plant, etc.;
8. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.


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