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Discover Thailand with Ayutthaya Ancient City Tour

April 15, 2019 by Felix Bott  

Thailand has a deep root in history. From thousands of years, it has been ruling over Eastern History. According to many historians, Thai rulers were mostly citizen centric and they were different from the rest of the rulers in the terms of war and unnecessary bloodshed.  However, if someone wants to get its first experience on Thailand history, Ayutthaya ancient city tour is the perfect to choose for.

Ayutthay is known as Phra Nakho Si Ayutthay and it is the capital of Ayutthay province in Thailand. It was being constructed by the then King U-thong in the year 1351. It has earned the name as “Holy City of Thailand”. Due to its amazing features, a millions of tourists throng each year.

If we’ll go to its demography, it is an island embraced by the three rivers namely; Chao Phraya, Lopburi and Pa Sak River. This province was a historic capital of Thailand where over a million inhabitants live during its earlier times. The architecture of the city is both from ancient Cambodian and Sukhothai designs. Handicraft villages are well known in the province. The city has a large produce of souvenir items from stone carvings, ceramics, musical instruments and even designing Thai houses.

People who don’t like hustle and bustle of big cities, Ayutthay is a perfect place for the escape. It offers serene and tranquil atmosphere where in everyone will have a peaceful and quiet leisure time. Visitors often come here and take photographs of the wonderful uniquely designed houses and buildings of the city. A stroll in the city offers every visitor a satisfying trip.

According to maximum tourists, this amazing city has become as the most favorite tourist destination and it is the epic center for learning vibrant Thai culture. It still observes the phenomenal cultural values which will take you out completely from your current stress and anxiety. 

Apart from the historical places, it is now boasted with various shopping malls and other tourist friendly attraction. A stroll in the city would give visitors opportunities to see amazing finds. People can shop on the shopping stores or even along the city sidewalks, where one may never know what he can find while walking through the streets of the city. One can purchase items here like souvenir materials and other fancy items which are truly colorful and patiently designed. If you want to enjoy this city within a budget, choose cheapest Ayutthaya tour package.