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What is parboiled rice process?

April 24, 2019 by Elina Wu  

Parboiled rice is a kind of rice product produced by paddy, which is cleaned, soaked, steamed, dried, etc., and then processed according to the conventional rice milling process.
The following is the process of parboiled rice.
The paddy need to be cleaned in this stage,which is the first step of parboiled rice process. The paddy must be removal the dust and impurity. Through the screen, the paddy will be cleaner when remove the straw, leaf, and other impurity, such as stone and so on.
This stage is aimed to make the paddy absorb enough moisture, which is the second step of parboiled rice process.And it will create a good condition for the starch dextrinization. According to the rice variety and quality is different, usually the soaking temperature is 55-70 degrees, and soaking time is 3.5-4.5 hours.
The water vapor with a certain temperature and pressure heated to the paddy, so that starch dextrinization. This operation has a great influence to the parboiled rice finished product quality, color and taste, it can increase the strength of the grain, increase the rate of rice, and change the rice storage characteristics of parboiled rice. By adjusting the cooking process conditions, can produce color for the dark steamed rice.
4.Drying and Cooling
This is aimed to reduce the moisture of the parboiled rice to increase production ratio and easy to store and transport.
The shell of parboiled rice is removed using a rubber roller, and the separator separates the brown rice.And the gravity paddy will separate again, then un-husking paddy will return to the husker to again husking.
6.rice milling
It is mainly used for milling brown rice. Parboiled rice can be further cooled by sucking and convering rice bran.
7.Grading and Polishing
Through the rice grade, the broken rice will be separate out and the whole rice will be grade on the size. Through the polisher, the parboiled rice will get better quality. And after the whitening process, the parboiled rice can be stored longer.
8.Color Sorting
Get rid of the heterochromatic granules in the parboiled rice.
The parboiled rice can be packaged in different weights by electronic packing scale.