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Villa Elevator Purchase Considerations

April 25, 2019 by odson don  

People's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, and there are more and more self-built houses and villas. The فيلا مصعد market is also hot. The villa elevator is no longer a simple ride tool, but is integrated with the family and becomes a Improve the quality of life, expand the radius of happiness, make the home a more ideal residence, and even the villa elevator becomes a work of art.

Reasons to choose otse villa elevator

1, comfortable and livable

The villa elevator brings a new safe and comfortable ride experience for the family, especially for the convenience of the elderly and children at home. It is no longer necessary to go to work up and down the stairs, and to move more freely at home. It is also convenient for the ups and downs of your family. The soft drive technology ensures that the elevator starts and stops quietly and smoothly, and the car is barely felt to be safely delivered to its destination.

2, custom and beautiful

Home improvement high-quality villa elevators can also become a beautiful and beautiful scenery, elevator decoration and other perfect matching home decoration style, become part of the home, improve the decoration quality and aesthetics, break the original single pattern of the villa, so that the original fixed upstairs The space is smart.

3, safe and reliable

All elevators are subject to strict inspection by the Special Equipment Inspection Division before they are used in the factory. Regardless of commercial households, safety is an essential feature of the elevator. The villa elevator is different from the commercial one. The lifting speed is generally 0.3-0.4m/s, the operation is stable, and the maintenance is regular to ensure the safety of use.

4, easy to install

Villa elevators are very flexible in terms of civil construction. Whether there is a reserved shaft in the civil construction stage or need to be installed in an existing house, they can be customized to meet the needs without worrying about the installation conditions.

The villa elevator is beautiful, comfortable, safe and energy efficient, and is born for quality life. So what are the attentions when buying a villa elevator?

What are the installation conditions for the villa elevator? What if the house does not reserve a well?

If the villa house has a reserved hoistway, the car width and depth can be compared according to the size and depth of the hoistway to select the appropriate car model. According to the site environment, new wells can be built in suitable places indoors and outdoors according to the site environment, and villa elevators can be customized according to the detailed dimensions of the wells. The villa elevator takes up little space. The minimum hoistway plane area is only 1.4mX1.4m, the pit depth is only 0.305m, and the minimum top layer height is only 2.75m, which saves space for the user as much as possible.

It should be noted that the net size of the villa elevator is very important. Each villa elevator is a custom product. All the dimensions are tightly stitched, well designed, and the dimensions are related to each other. If there is an error, it may be The elevator cannot be installed. Therefore, the net size in each direction when measuring the hoistway refers to the minimum distance. If there is any protrusion in the hoistway, it is necessary to describe the bulging size to the factory technician to be able to draw an accurate and effective elevator. drawing.

Does the villa elevator consume a lot of electricity? Does running noise affect life?

The operating power of the motor of the core component of the villa elevator is generally about 1.5kW, and the power consumption is low. It is equivalent to the power consumption of the household refrigerator, so there is no need to worry about the daily running cost.

In addition, the motor is generally installed at the top of the hoistway, and the operating speed of the villa elevator is generally lower than that of the public elevator. The car wall adopts noise reduction technology, and the noise does not affect the sleep and rest of the family during operation.

Is the elevator installation period of the villa long?

Villa elevators need to be customized according to different size requirements. The ordering period is longer. Generally, the goods arrive within 2 months after signing the contract. The installation period is about 15 days.

Kleinman Elevator is committed to producing high-standard and high-quality customized products. The factory in China still implements the European standard production standards, and insists that all safety components are imported from Europe. The strict quality of the Kleinmann elevator from design to delivery Control, to provide users with reliable quality products.

The villa elevator makes it easier to get in and out, the home life is more free, and it can be integrated with the building to enhance the decoration style and beauty. It is the necessary configuration for the high-end enjoyment of comfortable life.