LeapZipBlog: 3635OBD2's blog: SVCI DOIP vs JLR VCI DOIP vs DA-Dongle DOIP


May 5, 2019 by 3635OBD2  

Planning to buy a cheap JLR DoIP diagnostic tool? we review three of the best in the market 2019. Let’s go!!



Products SVCI DoIP JLR VCI DoIP DA-Dongle DoIP
Installation requirements Unlimited Unlimited Only win7 32bit
Installation process Simple Simple Complex
Communication speed Fastest faster Relatively slow
Communication stability Stabilization Stabilization General
Automatic scan to read VIN
Read DTC
Read single date stream
Read multiple date streams
ECU refresh
ECU configuration

To sum up:

SVCI DoIP wins!It has the fastest speed and easy to use,supports read VIN / DTC and ECU programmer.

More info of SVCI DoIP below here:

1. What is the SVCI DoIP? 
2. What JLR vehicle models are covered via STiC SVCI DoIP? 
3. How to use and operate SVCI DoIP?
4. How to install PATHFINDER software for SVCI DoIP 
5. How to install SDD2 and SDD2 “QuickLoader” software for SVCI DoIP 
6.How to connect SVCI DoIP to your Jaguar or LandRover


1.What is the SVCI DoIP?

The SVCI DoIP Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) is used by professional technicians as an aid in diagnosing and repairing vehicle electrical and electronic systems. The SVCI DoIP is designed to connect the vehicle to a host PC computer application which achieve functions through the  SVCI DoIP for data transfer and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) reprogramming. Using the VCI Manager PC application software, The SVCI DoIP is capable of communicating over a USB cable.

The SVCI DoIP is a standard-based tool – supporting the SAE J2534 interface, and the ISO22900-2 Diagnostic-Protocol Data Unit (D-PDU) API. Fully support JLR diagnostic software SDD2 and Pathfinder, including diagnostic, ECU update, CCF configuration and all the functions of JLR.


Technical Specifications

Protocol Type                                           Protocol name

Physical Layer        
l CANBUS Channel 1 at 125/250/500/1000kbps
l CANBUS Channel 2 at 125/250/500/1000kbps
l One UART channels (K & L Lines)
l One J1850

Communication  Layer   
l ISO9141
l ISO14230
l J1850 PWM(Ford SCP)
l ISO14229 JLR Powertrain CANBUS
l ISO14229 JLR Body CANBUS
l ISO14229 JLR Chassis CANBUS
l ISO14229 JLR Comfort CANBUS
l ISO13400 DoIP

l Pin voltage Measurement
l Programming Voltage Generator
l Internal Temperature Sensor
l Power through DLC or USB Type B Connector

2.What JLR vehicle models are covered via STiC SVCI DoIP?

Software Name Vehicle Name Model Years Support’s functions
SDD2 Land Rover L316 2005~2016 All
    L319 2005~2016 All
    L320 2005~2016 All
    L322 2005~2016 All
    L359 2005~2016 All
    L405 2005~2016 All
    L494 2005~2016 All
    L550 2005~2016 All
    L538 2005~2016 All
  Jaguar X100 2005~2016 All
    X150 2005~2016 All
    X152 2005~2016 All
    X202 2005~2016 All
    X250 2005~2016 All