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How to Remove Virus from Mac with Avast Mac Security

May 9, 2019 by James William  

A computer virus is a software that is harmful to your computer since it can disrupt the smooth functioning of many programs and applications. Avast Mac Security is a state-of-the-art malware scanning engine that protects your Mac device and keeps your system secure. The software uses signature-based detection to identify and eliminate malware and prevents it from spreading. Avast Mac Security has a range of scans that users can run to monitor the computer activity and check all the network connections running in the background. This article will give you a general idea about the different scans you can use to remove viruses from your Mac device using Avast Mac Security. If you need more information about the security features of the software, you can call the Avast Customer Care Number and speak to a certified expert and clarify your doubts.

Steps to run a scan using Avast Mac Security

You can download and install Avast Mac Security online after you update your Mac device and ensure that the basic system requirements are in place. Once you successfully install Avast Mac Security you can follow the steps below to run a scan of your computer:

·        Step 1: Go to the menu bar and click the orange color Avast icon

·        Step 2: Select the option that reads ‘Open Avast’ and proceed

·        Step 3: Press the ‘Scan’ option located on the left panel of the window

·        Step 4: Look through the list and select the type of scan you want to run

·        Step 5: Wait for Avast to finish scanning your Mac device and then review the results

Avast Mac Security will notify you about the scan results after each section of your computer is thoroughly scanned. If you see a small green color checkmark next to a section, then you know that no issues were found. However, if the scan results include a red exclamation point, then you need to take action to resolve those sections. If Avast Mac Security detects a virus on your Mac device, you need to tick the box beside the unsecured threat and then click ‘Resolve.’ Avast will automatically take the necessary action needed to address the threat and remove the virus.

Different scans available on Avast Mac Security

You can use any of the scans listed below to check specific areas or sections of your Mac device:

·        Full System Scan: In-depth scan that checks the storage drivers and memory

·        Removable Volume Scan: Scans removable storage devices on your Mac

·        Custom Scan: You can personalize the scan settings to check specific folders

·        Home Network Security Scan: Checks the router and other devices for network errors

If you encounter any errors while running these scans, you should contact Avast Tech Support as soon as possible since your Mac device could be susceptible to a virus attack. You can get in touch with a certified expert through the helpline number and get the best solution to fix any error related to your Avast Mac Security software.

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