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How to Fix AOL APP for Windows Not Working

May 14, 2019 by macy smith  

Windows is a widely used operating system for computers and is highly appreciated as well because it supports all types of software and makes users able to use them. Now if you want to use AOL on your windows, you can do it easily because AOL is well supported by the windows and you can enjoy the highly advanced services that it offers. You can enjoy the complete new world of internet with some cool features of accessing the videos, music, and games interestingly. However, in some cases, you may get stuck into a critical situation when AOL stops working on windows, and it prevents you from processing any activities through the software. If you are facing the same condition, you are not alone because this is quite a common issue experienced by several users. You can contact AOL Support Number and get the expert support to fix this issue, but if you follow this blog till the end, you can easily solve the issue on your own. 

Probable reasons behind the issue:

Most of the users feel the same way that you are experiencing right now and have no clue how to fix the issue. But before you go for solutions, you need to check the root cause that is creating the issue. Once you get the root cause, then you can easily fix the issue either on your own or with some expert help. Below are some probable reasons that can cause AOL not working on windows:
•Your windows are not updated 
•You may be experiencing a poor internet connection 
•Other third-party application may cause the issue 
•You may have got some corrupted downloads 
•System compatibility issues
Now check these reasons respectively and try to find out which one is exactly responsible for the error. Once you get the idea of causes, then go for the solution that has been mentioned below. 

Easy fixes of AOL not working on windows issue:

Once you get the exact reason that is preventing AOL not working on windows, you can get some easy solutions and will be able to fix the issue easily. You need to follow these steps to fix the issue:
•You need to update your windows if updates are not available you need to reinstall it 
•Then check your internet connection and make sure that you have smoothly working internet. 
•Try to identify any misbehaving application that is installed on your computer
•Once you get such apps, you can remove them or fix their issues 
•You can also disable the firewall or any other third-party antivirus software
•At last, check the space if you have in system’s disk and also recheck the system requirements for the software

Get the AOL Customer support for maximum support 

This blog has tried to solve your issue earliest and may have been helping you to fix you. Nevertheless, if all these methods get failed and you are still in the same critical situation, then you need to call at AOL Technical Support Number without wasting time any more. There you will get an easy solution for your specific problems.