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How To Help Your family Member Battling With Schizophrenia

May 14, 2019 by Julio Licinio  

The family with a schizophrenic member knows the trouble and nuisance they have to face everyday. For them, each day brings a new challenge. Dr. Julio Licinio has expressed his view on the topic and guided the family members how to make their lives more suitable, efficient and trouble-free. Most of the time, the people who are close to the person with schizophrenia disorder are confused to deal with how they can help him or her. 

Dr. Julio Licinio told that it is very important in the schizophrenia treatment to get the love and support of the close family and friends. They can even help the person to attain the self-help strategies to build a fulfilling life. In this mental disorder where the patient suffers a gross distortion of reality along with language disturbance and other troubling symptoms. 

The first thing according to Dr. Julio Licinio which should keep in mind by the family member is that stress can make the situation worse. It is their responsibility to make the atmosphere of the house normal and relaxed. It will help them to cope up with the changing scenario better. It will also help them to recover without losing their self esteem and hope.

They need to accept the illness and try to help the person with proper treatment and medication. There are certain parents who think that there is no need for any kind of medication and keeping themselves busy in work will help them to improve the situtation. However, this is the worst suggestion anyone with schizophrenia can have. They need to educate themselves and learn more about schizophrenia. 

For the loved ones who are battling this mental disorder, you have to set the realistic expectation from them. You cannot expect everything normal from them. You need to guide them by setting and achieving targets which are manageable in their limitations. 

You have to take care that the person is taking the medicines regularly. You have to find out and focus on the strength of the person and try to evolve it. You can also arrange the psycho-discussion among the close family members and friends to understand the real scenario.