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Different LED lights for your swimming pool

May 15, 2019 by Glain max  


Underwater lighting is the queen of the party. They go directly inside the glass of the pool, being submerged. Therefore, the installation must be totally sealed to avoid electrical accidents. Remember that to be protected all year round you can hire our electric coverage that will protect you from any scare.
There are different types:
•    LED recessed: for pools with pre-installation.
•    Surface LED: fixed to the wall and connected to the transformer and to an outlet through a visible cable.
•    LED rapidly: for pools without pre-installation for lights, connected to the pool's impulse nozzles (leaving the cable hidden).
•    The outdoor lights complement the lighting of the pool by focusing on the surroundings of the pool, such as the ground and other areas of the garden.
On the other hand, the floating Colour Pool Light, which is not connected to the current and run on batteries, are allowed to float freely on the surface to decorate with great elegance, as you can see in the image.
Comfort first of all:
If you can invest in a device that has a built-in modulator and remote control, you will enjoy the luxury of changing the visual configuration of your aquatic environment from the palm of your hand. Hayward Pool Lighting is one of the great products on the market which you can buy online for your swimming pool.
You can even opt for high-end installations with computerized digital regulation, which allow you to program on and off, and even synchronize the lights with music, something spectacular to relax or enjoy a party in style.
Most of the underwater Colour Changing Pool Light for swimming pools and/or spas are difficult to repair because they have a special seal in their manufacture, in order to guarantee their sealing. This implies that in case of any problem, we will probably be forced to buy a new focus, with the consequent disbursement.
Therefore, we must take into account that greater efficiency and greater longevity of the focus are points to be valued if we do not want to find future surprises.
Equally, it is especially important to have a quality technical service that can provide a quality professional service if necessary. To this, we can also add points such as original parts, official installers, and etc.
Focus light behavior:
We rarely realize that the light supplied by an underwater focus behaves differently from that of a focus out of the water, but this behavior is also affected by the color of the light.
Each color focus has a specific wavelength and water absorbs each wave at a different rate. This affects how the human eye interprets the luminosity of it.
For example, a blue LED can appear 5 times brighter underwater than a White Pool Light LED, even though both have the same power in lumens.