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May 16, 2019 by Scoopify  

Bill Gates is the most inspiring, influential and ideal personality of the 20th and21st century. He is a game changer who changed the way the computers and technologies were with his positive judiciousness. Gates  is not only   a business tycoon but a Philanthropist too who does billions of charity for the world welfare and founded Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, he is as focused to Philanthropy as he was to Microsoft.

Learning surprising facts about Bill Gates the billionaire entrepreneur will leave you mouth wide open.

1.    During his school days at Lakeside Prep School Gates wrote his first computer program on General electric computer, it was a version of tic-tac toe game where you can play against the computer.

2.    Once when school realized Gates capabilities for coding he was asked to writea program for scheduling students in classes and to that he featured himself into a class with disproportionate number of interesting girls.

3.    During his teenage years Gates read the entire series of World Book Encyclopedia. This is really an amazing fact about Bill Gates.

4.    Another interesting fact about Bill Gates is that at his young age he scored1590 out of 1600 in SAT’s.

5.    Like many other famous people Gates is also acollege dropout as he wanted to concentrate fully on Microsoft.

6.    After dropping out from Harvard University in 1975 two years later Gates was arrested in Mexico for running off red lights and driving without licenseisn’t that interesting fact about Bill Gates

7.    At Microsoft Gates used to memorize its employees license plate to keep a check on their coming and going but eventually the company grew up largely and it was not possible anymore to memorize.

8.    For air travels Gates used to fly coach and since 1997 he flies in his own plane which he call his big splurge.

9.     Gates big splurge other than his plane was Leonardo Di Vinci’s “CODEX LEICESTER”which he acquired in 1994 auction for $ 30.8 million.

10.Despite of his immense wealth of $ 90.9 billion his children would inherit $ 10 million each and rest will go to Charity.

11.Though Gates being a great Philanthropist and dedicate most of his time to Bill and Melinda Gates foundation he is still working with Microsoft on its “Personal Agent” which will remember everything and help you go back find things and help you pick what things pay attention to.

12.Gates would have been Artificial Intelligence Researcher if he was not working with Microsoft.

13.Bill Gates feeds his brain with reading 50 books a year which makes him to learn new things and test his understandings.

14.Gates biggest regret is that he does not know any foreign languages.

15.The most interesting Fact About Bill Gates is immense love and passion for cars he owns Porsche 959 sportscarwhich was bought 13 years before it was approved for American roads.