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Manglik Dosh Parihar Puja – Kumbh Vivah

May 16, 2019 by kumbhvivahpuja  

It’s a ritual / parihar puja to remove Manglik Dosh that I perform for people seeking to get rid of Manglik Dosh from their Kundli, wherein a marriage ceremony will be conducted for you with a Clay Pot filled with water – Kumbh or Kumbha is a Sanskrit word, meaning Clay Pot or Clay Pottery to fill water and Vivah means marriage. Kumbh Vivah means Marriage Ceremony with a Clay Pot. Completing this Ritual means your 1st marriage is complete and this will remove Manglik Dosh from your Kundli making way for your Successful Real Marriage.

Why Use Clay Pot: Just like a water filled Gold, Silver, Copper or Clay Kalash is used in Homa’s / Yagya’s to Avahan Lords and Devi / Deva’s into the Kalash’s water, the Kalash is considered alive and visited by the deity and after Homa the water from the Kalash is sprinkled on all who attended the Homa as holy water, similarly a brand new clay pot filled with clean water is assumed alive by Lord Mangal Graha as a Bride / Groom, the clay pot is decorated like a bride or a groom for the marriage ceremony and after completing the ceremony the Clay Pot is broken by dumping it on a rock, which means your newly married bride / groom is dead and making you a widow / widower. Hence Lord Mangal Graha removes the Manglik Dosh from your kundly after the clay pot is broken post Kumbh Vivah and your path is cleared for your 2nd Real Marriage

Why Not use Vishnu, Krishna Statue / Peepal / Banana Tree for such Parihara / Vivah I do not suggest these options because statues are awakened for the Puja, you would have to take care of it with regular Puja forever, if not new dosha’s take place and trees are alive naturally – in both scenarios you would have 2 alive partners after the real marriage – you wouldn’t be able to water the tree throughout your life and I do not suggest cutting off a tree for a Parihar Puja, causing more dosha’s by harming the mother nature.

Where is Kumbh Vivah performed? Any kind of Dosha Parihar / Nivaran Puja’s Must Not Be performed at home. Temples are the best place for such Parihar Puja and a lot of temples do not permit it due to various reasons. Temples in Bangalore where I have tied up to perform Kumbh Vivah Parihar allows me to do it with a reasonable donation towards the temple welfare and there is enough privacy while performing Parihar Puja in these temples.

What is the Cost of Kumbh VivahIt’s a Not for Profit initiative and it’s very reasonably priced, cost only includes the Wages of Purohit, Cost of Puja Items, Homa / Yagya Items, Consultation Fee and Donation towards the temple.

Is Kumbh Vivah needed for Divorced Manglik Male / Female: No, because your real Vivah / Marriage is already completed and are divorced, your Manglik Dosh is removed, now you must consider Vivah Yog Prapati Puja to awaken Graha’s & Attractions Power to find your life partner and to get you married soon by removing obstacles and delays.

About Me:

I’m a Post Graduate in Vedic Astrology from KSU, Bangalore, I study horoscopes to identify life issues and offer solutions. I  specialise in Manglik Dosh / Kuja Dosh Parihar and Vivah Prapti Yog Puja Solutions because this knowledge and experience comes to me as a legacy from my forefathers who were Astrologers and were actively involved with Astrologers of Royal Family of Mysore’ assisting, making and studying Panchangam and Kundlis for the Mysore Royal Family since mid 1800’s in Mysore, I have been studying and matching Manglik Dosh / Kuja Dosha Kundli since 25 Years for Delay in Marriage and for Chances of Divorce and I ensure to make such divorce chances to a Zero. My expertise in studying the reasons for delay in finding a life partner and minimize such delays has helped hundreds of people in India & Abroad. (Specially for delay in 1st Marriage and 2nd Marriage). I also help Non-Manglik and Manglik’s facing delaying in Marriage or finding life partner. 100’s of People have benefited by performing Manglik Dosh Parihar Puja (Kumbh Vivah) and Vivah Yog Prapti Puja under my personal guidance.

Feel free to contact me on below details if you have any questions about your horoscope


Acharya RK Murthy | Mobile / WhatsApp: 74065-23999    Email: acharyarkmurthy@gmail.com



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