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5 Housekeeping Hacks for Moms

May 18, 2019 by Terra Cleaning Services  

We all want a clean home, right? But sometimes it just is not possible. Between raising kids, running errands and anything else life throws at us; a clean house can easily end up on the back burner, if we let it. While it is easy to let the home ho, it isn’t the best of idea. A clean house is a comfortable & happy house. These 5 housecleaning hacks for moms will help their house stays nice & tidy.


Pick up while you clean:

Mess can hold back you from getting to what requires to be cleaned. So, as you clean, pick up & put things away immediately.

Stock up on supplies:

Rather than having all of your cleaning supplies in one area, have multiple in different rooms. By doing so you can do quick cleans.


Hydrogen peroxide can be your best cleaning buddy:

Hydrogen peroxide is a great multi-purpose liquid. You can spray it on cuts or sores. Furthermore, it also can be employed to clean windows, mirrors and toilets.

Use your vacuum:

Rather than sweeping your floors, just make use of your vacuum. Many have floor options now & it will save you lots of time.


Remove pet hair:

Leave a lint roller in your living room so you can do quick wipe downs to remove pet hair.

Get rid of water stains:

Having issues with water stains? Cut a few lemons and rub them on the stained areas. Give the acid some time to work and then rinse off.

Scrub your oven:

Add a layer of baking soda into your vacant oven & spritz it with vinegar. Get something else dome when it soaks up, then come back and wipe it off quite easily.


Clean your carpets:

When it comes to stains, spraying protein stains with peroxide will get those out. For tougher ones, spray some clear Windex on the stains, put a towel over it, and gently iron it until it is gone.

De-grim your vents:

Air vents are perhaps hardest regions to clean but are really critical for the safety of the home. Put a towel on a butter knife & wipe it along the vent for an easy clean.

Clean as You Go

Don’t leave everything to do all at once. Tidy and clean as you go.


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