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Home pod Issues & Fixes by Geek Squad

May 18, 2019 by QuickBooks Customer Support  

As modern homes are developing by using varied kinds of technologies for various purposes; a Homepod speaker is one of those products which is getting the hype in the market, and can be found in modern day homes of people who like to be surrounded by technologies 24*7 round the clock. Now let us learn about the issues which come in front of us while using the Homepod and the best fixes for these issues suggested from the experts of Geek Squad.


Issues & Fixes of the Homepod:

     The first issue of a Homepod which we will be discussing is that the setup that we initiate at the beginning is not working or rather the screen is not automatically redirected towards the setup window; the solution for this issue is that you will need to open the “Home App” in your I-phone which you are willing to connect, inside the application seek out for a “+” button and tap on it. Now you will see an option by the name of “Add Accessories”; once you tap on this option you can see a notice saying “Can’t Scan”, and by tapping this the application will try to automatically scan the device & set it up, just make sure you I-phone is nearby the Homepod. If you need any guidance for this over the phone the get in touch with Geek Squad Tech Support.

     The second issue which can come across while using a Homepod is that the device is not playing any music through it; so the solution for this is very simple as if you are trying to play music from the Apple Music by commanding Siri, but it is not working then you must check that you are a music subscriber or not and if you are, then check that Apple Music subscription has been renewed or not. If this is not working then try playing music from other devices such as I-pad or the Mac to clear the doubt that nothing is wrong with Apple Music and if still, the problems persist then you need to call a Webroot Geek Squad Support agent.


     The third issue in regard to the Homepod is that sometimes the “Siri” is unable to work with the device; no matter how many times you try to give different commands to Siri it won’t listen, well the solution for this problem is just one, you will need to reset the Homepod to its factory setting because then only Siri will try to connect automatically to it after the setup configuration is completed and if still the problem is not solved then take assistance over remote access from Geek Squad Chat Support.

     The fourth issue of the Homepod which is commonly experienced by the users is that the device is not able to connect with “Airplay”; to solve this problem you will need to go to the “Control Center”, select the screen mirroring option and this will start scanning the device from which select the Homepod. Still, if there is any problem talk to an expert from Geek Squad Support.



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Well; above was brief on some issues & fixes of the Homepod, hope it was informative.