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7 Steps to Plan Your Kitchen Interior

May 20, 2019 by John Smith  

Every person has a dream to furnish their kitchen. In this article, I am telling you some basic step to decorate or enhance your Kitchen interior.

Kitchen is a highly active area of the house. And the Kitchen is the most attractive area of the house. If you are furnished your kitchen then you know what’s the process involved that help you design your own kitchen and gives brief detail to your designer.


  1. Choose your Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer.
  2. Build a Wall and Floor Plan.
  3. Planned your Kitchen Outline.
  4. Place Your Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures.
  5. Plan detailed Storage
  6. Plan your Kitchen Lighting and Electrical Points.
  7. Plan for other activities in the kitchen and nearby places.  


Step 1: Choose your Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

Mostly manufacturer has various type of units in standard sizes. Even if you are making a bespoke kitchen, stay in touch with a manufacturer and find out if they work in any standard size (like using whole pieces of wood to avoid cutting Doing, which reduces waste, requires less labor and therefore costs a little less).


Step 2: Build A Wall And Floor Plan

In this step, we are talking about how to design a kitchen and create a plan for your kitchen space.

First of all, you have to decide you are working which measurement like feet, inches, m, cm, and mm. To self-design, your kitchen then uses online kitchen planner or software.

If you use paper, it’s a better idea to stick on paper because you easily adjust the scale and you fit the kitchen onto a sheet of paper rather than the whole house.


Step 3: Planned Your Kitchen Outline

Using your paper drawing, online kitchen planner or software plan, where you will place base cabinets, wall cabinets, islands and tables in your kitchen in the plan view (looking upward from the bottom). Do not worry about where the equipment and fixtures will be kept so far.


Step 4: Place Your Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures

In this step plan your kitchen appliances and fixtures onto your paper. After that confirm your layout that match according to your plan or not. 


Step 5: Plan detailed Storage

In designing the kitchen, you have to take care of storage is done or not. Because storage is a big part of how to design a kitchen.

At this level, you should have plans for the wall with all the fixtures you plan on.


Step 6: Plan your Kitchen Lighting and Electrical Points

Your cabinet maker can have some integrated lighting options. You would plan to electrical points for the kitchen (outlets and switches for appliances). There are many option likes -

  • Normal Outlet Position
  • High Outlet Position
  • Under Cabinet Position
  • Pull up Kitchen Outlet
  • Hidden Kitchen Island Outlet


Step 7: Plan for other activities in the kitchen and nearby places

Think about how your kitchen will be related to the surrounding places. If this is the open plan of a dining space or living space, then what kind of scene do people get from the kitchen?


How to design a kitchen? Much like the way to design your main living space.