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May 20, 2019 by Scoopify  

According to Billy Graham’s famous quote “if wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost” so why to loose anything apply healthy habits and stay healthy for a long time in a same way having safe and protected sex leads to good sexual health free from infections and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. Both men and women can be victim of this bacterial infection, it does not develops symptoms initially but if left untreated it can lead to severe conditions.

Chlamydia Symptoms In Women is curable with antibiotic medicines if treated at right time. It spreads through sexual contact from your partner or multiple partners having oral, vaginal or anal sex it spreads through anus, vagina, urethra, penis, semen, pre-cum, and other vaginal fluids. Eyes, nose, throat, mouth and rectum can get infected with chlamydia if touched with hands.

Let’s discuss some facts about chlamydia symptoms in women.

1.    Women suffering with chlamydia does not know that they are infected and feel totally fine.

2.    Most women who suffers with chlamydia does not notice any symptom.

3.    Chlamydia symptoms in women usually appear within 1-3 weeks of having unprotected sex with an infected person.

4.    In some cases symptoms do not occur for many months.

5.    Sometimes chlamydia symptoms in women disappears but the infection remains and the person is able to pass it on.

6.    Around 70% of women are infected with chlamydia and the fact is that they do not acknowledge it.

7.    Approximately 3 million women in America gets infected with chlamydia trending in age group 14-24.

Here are the most vulnerable symptoms of chlamydia in women.

·         Lower abdominal pain with fever

·         Bleeding between periods

·         Painful periods

·         Pain while having sex

·         Itching or burningin oraroundthe vagina

·         Abnormal vaginal discharge that may have an odor

·         Pain when urinating

·         Bleeding after sex

·         Pain in pelvis

Women suffering with PelvicInflammatory Disease, one of the most hyper active chlamydia symptoms in women, can face severe damage to fallopian tubes causing infertility, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth causing eye infections, blindness or pneumonia in babies passed on from mothers.

 Visiting doctor and consuming right treatment at right time may clear the infection within a week or two. It is better to complete the medicine course even if one feel better after treatment, make sure to be retested to check  whether it is fully cured or not.