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Connors Group – Leading Workforce Management Consultant

May 20, 2019 by Glain max  


The world is moving in the direction of the quality of life, and this directly affects HR policies and Distribution Labor Standards.

Workers need recognition for the work they do, participate in decisions that directly affect them, promote themselves in their work and provide creativity to achieve a better quality of life in the workplace.

It is important that organizations do what is necessary to obtain the commitment of their employees and collaborators. Realize the importance of your human capital, because this will depend on the success of the company and the fulfillment of its objectives.

Achieving the commitment of workers today becomes the desired goal for organizations, but to achieve that goal it is necessary to coordinate actions and strategies between the Marketing Department and the Human Resources Department.

The Connors Group is one of the leading and very well-known Workforce Management Consultants.

The close collaboration of the HR department and the Marketing department can achieve the optimization of human capital, incorporating the knowledge of External Marketing to the Management and Internal Development of the Organization, working as a team and promoting motivation, participation, and commitment.

The process of organizational consulting:

There is an extremely wide range of Labor standards approaches, techniques, methods, modes, and styles. This diversity is one of the most interesting features of the consultancy since even clients with very specific problems can find a consultant that suits their organization and particular situation.

However, consulting is characterized not only by diversity but also by certain common principles and methods. Some of them are applied by the vast majority of consultants.

The consulting process:

The consultancy process is a joint activity of the consultant and the client aimed at solving a specific problem and applying the desired changes in the client's organization.

This process has a beginning (the relationship is established and the work begins) and an end. Between these two extremes, the process can be subdivided into several basic phases which leads the consultant and the client to be systematic and methodical and to move from one phase to another and from one operation to another, following a logical and temporal sequence.

In the Connors Group, you can find many different ways to subdivide the consultancy process.

Why choose the Connors Group?

•    Years of experience in Retail labor standards.
•    Steadfast determination.
•    Collaborative and customized search strategy.

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